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Since vinegar is used in commercially made and DIY douches as well as in baths for detoxifying the body tightening the vagina and other health & beauty uses; then why isn't vinegar classified a feminine product?

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    no one gives a shit about dora and that is why she is feeling sorry for herself feeling guilty knowing she has hurt heaps of women to see her daughter marry a hundred times. give it a break slut! honky black niggar wedding from hell.

  • Yea, save back those over sized mayonnaise jars and use it for pickling those swimsuits and shapewear alike.
    Because everything is Pickle Perfect with Heinz Vinegar.

  • Wouldn't a one piece swimsuit pickled in vinegar be sexier?

  • Vinegar is just as much a feminine product as it isn't for the obvious reasons.
    Yes, given that vinegar puts off a distinct pungent aroma and a uniqueness in smell, taste, and quality only found by the variations from which it is made and for those who appriciate the variaties for cooking, pickling, feminine cleansing and sexual pleasure are the ones who are going to benefit from such a product.
    However for me I much prefer Heinz Vinegar myself. One of it's key characteristics is the ribbed felt bottle I find very appropriate as well as very appealing.

  • I love the smell and feel of a perfectly pickled panty girdle encased underneath a Rago Open Bottom Girdle. Mmm, very arousing.

  • Not on Heinz but also Bragg's, Spectrum and Eden brands feature the same deep, bold ribbed feel on their bottles that differ from Heinz.
    I agree, it deffinitely adds an appealing character to the product.

  • Hmm! I'll have to look in on that one. I've read from djfferent sources where vinegar was supose to just like applying it the a sprane it's supose to help reduce the swelling.
    But what to say about injesting it with honey and water in the appropriate doses?

  • Actually acetic acid is the active ingredient. Doesn't clean or detox. Mythology of the modern era.

  • Thats not to say that vinegar wouldn't tantalize and pickle the vagina just by adjusting the dose. If thats the case then vinegar is also a sensual stimulant.

  • I had chickpox when I was little and the doctor told my mother to have me in a type lf vinegar bath that would help dry out the chickpox.
    As an alternative to the vinegar, there was also an oatmeal bath that also helped clear away the chicken pox.
    As weird as all that sounds there was absolutely nothing fetish about it, just ask a doctor.

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