My shy little wife is full of pleasant surprises

My wife and I are in our late forties and we only this year began doing threesomes, no one in the house now but us.The guy we do this with is a coworker of mine we have known for years, he has always wanted to fuck my wife and she has let it be known that she would love to fuck him too, she is small quiet and shy, she has dark brown curly hair, she is built good and somewhat pretty. The threesome thing is going better than expected,we continue to learn and are happy with it all, our partner is a nice looking guy and has a pretty big dick, my wife tells him it is huge. The last time we fucked we were just laying in bed when my wife said something that made my dick hard again, she said you guys have got cum all over me, its in my hair and on one of my ears, she said she wishes she had a bucket of cum on her, she loves the way it gets there, as a sexual partner she sounds like she has a lot of promise.

2 months ago

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    • It seems like the same thing with my wife one night after we had sex she said I thought about having a threesome you me and another guy with a 10 inch hard dick she said she wanted to see how it felt I said were are you going to find a guy with a 10 inch dick she said let me try about a week later she said she found a guy with a10 inch dick that she liked and he said he would be over tonight later that night there was a knock at the door my wife answered it he came in he looked very nice so we talked for awhile and we all took are clothes off and got naked my wife got on the floor hands and knees and told me to come over in front of her and started to lick and suck on my dick that made me feel so hard and horny and when she told him to come over and do her doggie style he came over got down on his hands and knees and put his dick hard horny 10 Inch dick in her pussy and started to hump her hard and a little later he shot a juicy load of cum and kept cumming until he filled her pussy up and it flowed out slowly and down her legs she had me so horny and hot that I shot a enormous amount of creamy juicy cum in her mouth and she swallow of my cum I ask everyone if they all enjoy it and we all said yes and my wife said we should do it again and we all said yes ps jerytinypenis

    • We could repeat the experience with a costumer of your wife

    • Good idea

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