A Confession to mum.

I was in my early teens in the early to mid-seventies. We lived in the South of England, mum, dad and a pain of a younger brother.
It seemed to me that my younger brother had all the attention, I became frustrated.
At the bottom of our garden was a summer-house that doubled as a home office. I used it to get away from my younger brother.

We had some family around for my younger brothers birthday, it was insufferable!
My grandmother was playfighting with my brother and then to rub salt in the wound, gave him what I had missed out on, a fun birthday spanking!

On my previous birthday we had gone out for the day. The opportunity to ask may have been there, but I didn't have the courage.

I was so frustrated I took myself off to the summer-house.

I sat in the quiet feeling a bit sorry for myself, brooding. (Some might say sulking?)
I don't know how long I'd been there when my mum came in. She could instantly tell I was upset.
Mum perched on the arm of the sofa beside me and put her arm around me. She sat higher than me and kissed the top of my head and whispered "what's up?" in my ear.
Most people would recognise mum's have their ways of finding things out. My mum usually used humour to try and lighten the mood.
Mum told me unless I explained why I was alone in the summer-house brooding she would make me brussell sprouts for dinner every night until I confessed!
Dificult not to smile with that kind of threat.

I began my confession. I explained I felt I wasn't getting a fair share of attention, that I was even jealous of my younger brother. I was angry at grandma for playfighting with him. Then after a brief hesitation, I confessed to my mum that although I was annoyed with myself for missing out on a birthday spanking, truth be told, I probably needed a regular spanking for being grumpy!

Mum ruffled my hair and kissed my head again.

"That's quite a tale of woe, isn't it?" She said.

I nodded my agreement, and asked if she was still going to make sprouts for dinner?

"Nope! She said quietly. No amount of sprouts are going to solve this problem."

"Listen, mum said. I would like you to come join the party now. Tomorrow morning when your dad takes grandma home I'll make sure your brother goes with them. You and I will be alone and we can talk this through. If, tomorrow you still feel that you need a spanking, as much as hate the thought, I will spank you.
There are some jobs that fall to me as mum that I like and others I don't. Sadly I cannot ignore the jobs I dislike, that's not how life works."

She looked me in the eye,

"Be warned young man, once we start there is no going back! A spanking is supposed to hurt, and you will regret asking for one long before it's over! If I'm going to have to do this, I will do it properly. Neither of us will enjoy the experience. Okay?"

All I could do was nod. She then touched my face, "I sincerely hope you change your mind, otherwise tomorrow is going to be a very uncomfortable day for both of us!"

I didn't sleep well. The next morning my dad and brother took grandma home. Mum told them I was going to be helping her tidy up so I would stay home.

Mum and I walked through to the kitchen diner area and mum asked me how I felt about things this morning.
I explained I was nervous, that I hadn't slept well but had decided whatever mum thought was a fair punishment I had it coming. I was ashamed at my behaviour yesterday.

Mum told me she didn't sleep well either. She told me I had once got a smack on the back of my hand when I was two. I tried to pick up a hot mug of coffee. The only other time she had raised a hand was when I was naughty in a shop. She had slapped the back of my legs twice. These were the only punishments I had ever recieved and she had felt guilty about those!
The thought of spanking me was awful for mum.

We stood looking at each other. "Sure?" She asked.

"Yes, mum." I answered, cold with nerves.

Mum told me to remove my jeans completely. As I did that she turned a chair around and walked into the kitchen. She returned with a wooden spoon, I hadn't a clue what was about to happen!

"There's no turning back now, this is going to be painful for both of us! When this is over you will stand in that corner right there with your hands on your head until I say you can relax. I will keep an eye on you, any rubbing it better, you get another dose! Understand?"

Mum pointed at the corner with the wooden spoon. I looked at the corner, then back at mum who was sitting down.

"Come on then, lets get on with it, over you go!" She patted her left knee with her hand. I walked forward and the first of the tears ran down my face, silent tears at this stage. I bent forward, put my weight on mums thigh and dropped my head in shame. Tears rolled down my face.

Mum pulled me closer. She tugged my underwear down to my knees and hooked a leg over mine. I felt her tap my shoulder and instinctively I offered my hand back. I was secured.

Mum said, "you know how much I don't want to do this, but do this I must. I'm sorry, and I love you more than you could ever know, but you deserve this!"

Immediately the spoon contacted with the first swat I knew this was not going to be good! Mum put every ounce of effort into every swat, within thirty seconds I was in agony! It was excruciating! I had hoped to behave with a little bit of decorum, to save some dignity, but that was impossible. After a minute of unrelenting fast hard spoon swats I kicked and wriggled as best I could. I howled like a baby, waving my one good arm about frantically.

For anyone who reads this that has suffered such a spanking they will understand. There are no words that adequately describe the pain.

I straightened my legs and pointed my toes as best I could, considering mum had my movements, severly restricted. I clenched my buttock muscles as tight as I had my eyes closed until I ran out of strength and fight.

I gave up the struggle, hung like a toy over mums knee and sobbed. Huge gulping sobs taking in lungfuls of air and sobbing them out. I slowly shook my head side to side, the burning pain in my backside all consuming. I begged for the spanking to end.

Eventually, and I have no idea how long the spanking lasted, mum stopped.

I was warned she would turn me back over her knee without hesitation if I touched my burning rear end. I would be spanked by hand for a full minute!
I didn't touch or rub although I would have sold my soul to do so!

I was helped slowly from my knees in front of her to my feet. As my brain began to unscramble I was offered a tissue. I was helped to step out of my underwear now around my ankles and with a guiding arm around my back I was walked to the corner with my hands up on my head.

"Stand there, don't move or speak until I say. You concentrate on that sting and don't ever give me reason to do that again!"

Mum put the chair back and washed the spoon and put that away. I heard her blow her nose once or twice. I realised she had been crying herself.

Shortly before my dad and brother got back, mum allowed me out of the corner. We hugged and both shed a few tears. I thanked her for spanking me because I deserved it.
Mum told me she loved me and hated doing it.
I was told to go to my room and wash my face and tidy up. This would give me a little extra recovery time before facing my dad, and brother.

Sitting at dinner that afternoon was beyond uncomfortable. As far as I'm aware the whole episode was kept between myself and mum. I've no idea if dad picked up on my shuffling from cheek to cheek at the table?

Mum and I never spoke about it after, and I certainly never gave her reason to repeat the punishment!

Later in life once or twice for fun I have asked my wife to spank me for pleasure. She is happy to do so, and at times it has become a little uncomfotable, to the point of forcing me to pull a few funny faces. It it almost unthinkable to imagine how much further past that point my mum took me with that spoon spanking all those years ago.

I am glad that I confessed my selfish behaviour to mum, I think in the long run that spanking solved a few teenage issues that may have been brewing under the surface.
But, for those of you that have never experienced a real punishment spanking, belive me, words cannot do the pain justice!


17 days ago

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