Wife stripped in poker & danced naked with friend

My young wife is a flirt - within limits. Unless she's tipsy. After a few drinks one evening she was showing my best friend her birthday presents, which included a box of bikini panties. I said why don't you model one of them for us? She looked at me and Mark, and said, "I don't know, they're awfully small - are you guys sure it would be OK with you?" Easy answer! She came down from our bedroom wearing a small shirt just above her navel and a lacy, slightly see-through, pair of tiny string-bikini panties. She turned bashfully and let us admire them from all sides. We talked about sexy movies we'd seen - she mentioned favorite positions she'd seen in one movie. She danced with both of us, as we all continued to drink. After a time someone suggested we play cards - I said how about strip poker? To my surprise my wife said, "Well, OK - but I'm only wearing 2 things. That's not fair!" Us men quickly stripped to our shorts and shirts! - before she changed her mind. I was naked first, then she lost a hand, stood up, and slowly removed her panties which caught for a moment in her crotch before sliding off. The laid on the rug, in only her tiny shirt and said, "deal the cards!" We took our time, enjoying her cute bare rump. Mark won next while she lost - so he took off her shirt. We asked her to dance for us - which she did, then pulled Mark up to dance with her. After a long slow dance she kissed him, put her tongue in his ears and started grinding a bit. Then she took his erection - lifted her leg and put him between her legs, not inside her, and closed her legs on him ....and they slowly moved back and forth into each other for a long time, holding each other by their butts, as they kissed deeply. They stopped before either had an orgasm, I think..... We are all still good friends - but that was a one-off sexy time not repeated.

1 month ago

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    • I was working construction on a motel swimming pool, they wanted it enclosed so I had the building close to done.
      Part of the deal was a room there, so I didn't have to drive back and forth since our home was 80 miles away.
      One night the place was empty, the wife wanted to swim but we had not suits, so since no one was around, we skinny dipped.
      Then, in walks two guys that were staying at the motel, it was 2 AM so we hadn't expected that.
      Nowhere to hide so we just laughed it off, the guys just grinned and joined us.
      At first my wife was shy, she tried to stay under the water but that didn't help much with the pool being lighted.
      The guys were sitting watching her, both with big erections, me also.
      Finally, she was sitting on the edge of the pool chatting up a storm like this was normal. As I watched that, she got more and more relaxed until at one point she was leaning back with her knees rather blatantly apart.
      For a solid 15 minutes, there were no secrets, and she was so wet down there I could see moisture dripping down.
      later in our room, she more or less attacked me. I teased her about getting all fussed up flashing those guys, she giggled and said she had never done anything like that before in her whole life
      Now I wonder if anything like that will ever happen again, it sure was fun.
      But if she does, I will let her.

    • When we were swinging my wife loved to model sexy outfits for guys or bi girls. As well as playing strip poker with several guys. But she'd play dumb and after loosing as what she does if she loses a hand after she'd lost her clothes and I'd say she had to do whatever the person with the best hand said for three minutes. After a few hands it would turn into a threesome or gang bang. I'd just finished writing a story about it. But it isn't approved yet. " Threesome turns into gangbang ". We've had lots of experiences with her being an exhibitionist as well as us being swingers for 20+ yrs. I love sharing experiences.

    • I have hot church lady wife Amy -- Saint Amy Big Tits -- her slutty friend calls her. We put a secluded pool in our backyard, 100 year old tress and shrubs surround it -- yet the sun hits till 8 PM in the summer. I came home early from work and Amy is laying on raft naked. WTF, Amy? She said she is naked everyday -- no one can see her, like in the bathtub. Haven't you noticed my brown girl parts. (she won't say tits -- her slutty friend offered her $20 to say fuck -- she wouldn't) It's invigorating -- I do 100 laps a day - she said. Friday night 3 couples are over -- burgers beers and swim. The Slutty one: My Bob is naked, his trunks are on the deep end floor. Pretty soon all the guys are naked. Then the unthinkable. Amy does Gainer off the board in her birthday suit.
      She swam naked 5 more times with the guys -- nut even the slutty does. We're a big hit on every Friday. She said she confessed after the Gainer trick, her priest told her there's a time and a place for God's visual art -- and she and the guys nailed both.

    • Well, I didn't mention that when my buddy removed my wife's shirt....and before she danced with him, she danced naked before us....she came over to me, straddled me in my chair and kissed me deeply while I kneeded her breast with one hand and squeezed her butt cheek with the other. I whispered in her ear, "do us a favor - lay on the rug by the fire, with your crotch facing us and let us look at you as you move anyway you want."
      "Why?" said.
      I said, "Mark, wouldn't you like to spend a few minutes looking between a naked girl's legs as she moves for us?"
      "I'll need another glass of wine Mark before I do that!"
      I opened the champagne - which always puts her over the edge!
      I said, "just go through your exercises like you do."
      After she went through so many suggestive moves on the rug - she lifted her hips and legs and went into the up-side-down bicycle peddling....with her dark fury pussy on offering to us. "Mark, wouldn't you love to taste that?"
      He just nodded. (turns out he'd never tasted a girl there)
      We were now sitting there with raging erections - which made her smile.
      She rolled up off the floor took Mark by the hand and pressed herself against him in a long slow dance.
      I went up to the bedroom....when she came up later - "are you OK with this?" we asked each other. They'd flirted for years....
      So, I said go down and bring him up.
      She did. I went down on her as she kissed Mark....Then she took turns mounting each of us.
      Much later I went for a shower - the last I saw was Mark on top of her with her legs locked at the ankles behind his back.
      Down stairs I heard the bedsprings loudly making noise - which is how she likes to finish herself. "Hard & fast."
      She came down flush faced and smiling - leading him by the hand. "You both are so sweet - that was great - but wow!", looking at me & smiling she said, "honey I think it will be a few days before I'll be able to wear those crotch-cutter jeans you like so much!"

    • OMG! Before covid, my husband and I were at a winter banquet for his work in at a Miami country club. My husband went bourbon tasting with a group and I was left alone. One of his hot coworkers asked if I'd like to walk around the grounds we did. I had a couple of glasses of wine and was feeling good. My dress was long but had high slits up the side. We walked to at a gazebo along the course. One thing led to another and I was sitting on the rail, he was between my legs and we were kissing. He had unzipped and I could feel the warm head of his penis pressing against my panties. I tried to adjust and pull them to the side while he tried to enter me. We got cut short and had to stop when we heard people walking in our direction.
      Looking back, I wish I'd decided not to wear panties that night or took them off before the walk.

    • Show your husband this post......and then go to bed with him!

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