My daughter and i

It was my daughters 20th birthday a few months back,we're a normal family,hubby is a hgv driver and I'm a nurse,we're both 45 been married for 20 years,sian our daughter is a fitness trainer and I'm not saying this because she's our daughter but she's absolutely gorgeous,her birthday came around and me and her had planned a few drinks in town,we both spent hours getting ready,sian had a red tight fitting dress on that showed off amazing figure and I wore my favourite three quarter length jeans and a white shirt,anyway hubby dropped us off near to town,we started off in a few quiet places and then sian said that her boyfriend was out with a few friends and were meeting up later with us,great why not I thought,her and dan had been together a few years,a nice boy,soon 10 o'clock came and we met up with Dan and his friends,the cocktails were flowing and we were having a great time and then Dan suddenly came on to me and said that one of his friends had the hots for me!!! Don't be silly I replied I'm 45 he's only 20!! Go on he said just have a chat with him it'll make his night,OK I said just for you! Dan's friends name was Adam,ill admit he was handsome but I had no intention of anything happening! He didn't waste any time with the chat up lines,hi Mrs Hughes please call me Karen I said,I've always had a thing for older women Karen and you are really turning me on! Hang on a minute Adam I said I could be your mother!! I don't care I think your amazing!! Quite flattered I replied have you ever been with an older woman? Oh yes plenty Karen,you mature ladies know what you want in bed,when was the last time you had sex? I was taken aback I must admit but the drinks were flowing and I said I don't know maybe a month ago!!! Wow that's way to long Karen if I was with you I'd be banging you every night,ok that's enough Adam I'm flattered but it's time we were heading home,sian came over from the dance floor and said mum Dan's having a party back at his house cmon let's go!!! It was her birthday after all,ok sweetheart let's go.we jumped in a taxi and headed for Dan's house,there were about 5 of Dan's friends there and me and sian,the shots were coming from all angles and was rather drunk shall we say,Adam came over to me again and asked me if I'd ever been with a younger guy,laughing I said no! Cmon Mrs Hughes let yourself go like sian over there! Take a look,I couldn't believe my eyes,sian had her tongue down Dan's throat and his friends!! Sian Hughes I shouted what are you doing!! Just relax mum it's ok I've done it before!! My head was spinning I was going to throw up! I didn't make it to the toilet,I was sick over my white shirt,Adam followed me to the loo and asked if I was OK!! Take your top off Karen ill clean it up for you,I unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my tits to a 20 year old guy!!! Wow Karen your tits are huge and before I could say anything Adam's head was between my tits and his hand was rubbing my pussy through my jeans,what was I doing I thought but I loved it,Adam soon had my jeans down and was fingering my hairy bush I was so wet!! Let's go upstairs he said,I was naked apart from my bra,everybody had disappeared from downstairs,Adam pushed me upstairs and into one of the bedrooms threw me onto the bed and started licking my pussy,he knew what he was doing,I hadn't been that wet in years,fuck me Adam I told him! Like the lads are fucking sian he replied!!! I suddenly shot up and said what do you mean,come with me,he pulled me off the bed and walked me across the landing to another bedroom and to my shock sian was on all fours Dan fucking her from behind and one of his friends in her mouth and another two wanking waiting for their turns !! Adam shouted at them look what I've got guys,they all turned around including sian and saw me and Adam both naked!! Was this really happening!!! Get over here Mrs Hughes Dan barked taste your daughters cunt on my cock!!! What had come over me,in a split second dans cock was in my mouth!! We're going to fuck the two of you together you dirty sluts,I seemed to be powerless,I was on my knees with two cocks in my mouth watching my daughter getting fucked! What happened next was something that I should never have succumbed to but i did,Dan told sian to lay on her back,bend over Karen eat your daughters pussy while we all pound you from behind!!! Sian seemed to love it her pussy was smooth and she was even grabbing my head and pulling me into her!!!! After being fucked by 4 different cocks Adam chirped up and said I want to see sian licking her mothers hairy bush lads! I was on my back now looking at my own daughter giving me oral sex,fuck her arse Adam! Dan was telling his friend to fuck his girlfriends arse,my daughter getting fucked in her ass while licking her mother out! Let's cum over their faces boys! There I was on my knees my daughter right next to me with 4 big cocks emptying cum over our faces . Mmmm we haven't been out together since x

10 months ago

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    • You sound like the best mother ever...Sian sounds good sport aswell x

    • Mmmm would've loved to be there

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