Couples getaway pt2

The next morning when I woke, Candis husband had already gone to the casino, and Candi was already awake and in the shower. My wife was just playing on her phone in the bed beside me. Candi walked out of the bathroom wearing a robe and told my wife that the shower was amazing, so my wife grabbed her robe and decided she was getting a shower. As soon as the bathroom door closed, Candi smiled at me and winked as she played with her hair looking in the mirror. I pulled the blanket aside, and started stroking my cock while I watched her. She came over to my bed and grabbed my cock. When she did that, I pulled the string on her robe to untie it and she's completely naked underneath. She dropped it to the floor. I pulled her on top of me and she started grinding her pussy on my hard shaft while we were kissing. She whispered "we need to hurry" and put my cock in her wet pussy. She's riding me and moaning softly, telling me she loves my big cock. Her big tits bouncing in my face as I'm squeezing her ass. "I love your pussy" I whispered to her. "You fuck me so good baby" she said in return. I threw her off of me and climbed on top of her. I put my cock in her and started sucking her nipples while I fucked her hard. "I'm going to cum on your hard cock" Candi said while she pulled the pillow over her face. "I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming". That turned me on so much, feeling her cum on my cock made me explode inside of her. I lean down and kiss her and tell her I'd like to wake up to that everyday! We heard the water turn off and she hurried to get her robe back on and I got my boxers on and went back under the covers. When my wife came out she was also in a robe and I was in bed just playing on my phone. She asked me if I was getting a shower because she'd like to go for breakfast and maybe hit some slots in the casino. So I went for my shower and got dressed for the day. When I came out of the bathroom they were dressed and ready to go out for the day. My wife and Candi both looked damn good. They both had on skirts with pantyhose and sexy tube tops. We met up with her husband for breakfast and he had already been gambling and drinking. He was heading to a poker tournament afterwards and I wanted to play some blackjack and roulette so we all pretty much went our own ways after that. The women were going to play slots and get their drink on. A couple hours later I went to the bar and seen the women standing there having wine. I had brushed up against Candis ass as I tried to squeeze by, deliberately putting my cock against her for a brief second. I grabbed my wifes ass and told her she looked really good today, all she told me was "don't be getting any ideas". She was heading back to the slots after her drink and said she was looking into the spa as well. I said I was going to walk around and play some games. On my way by I brushed against Candi again. She gave a little push. I started playing slots here and there, just wandering around, but I only had one thing on my mind all day. Candi. I walked all over the casino looking for them, and came across my wife at a slot machine. She told me that Candi and her husband got in an argument about money and he was getting in another tournament, so Candi went back to the room to chill. My wife was heading to the spa and we agreed to meet in an hour or so when she was finished. I texted Candi and told her we have some time and headed to the room. When I walked in, she was completely naked and laying in my bed, rubbing her pussy with one hand and pushing up her tits with her other arm. She looked at me with this lust in her eyes and said "come fuck your pussy". I immediately ripped off my clothes and started licking her pussy. She was grabbing my hair and couldn't take it anymore and said "please give me that big cock, I want it now daddy". I climbed up on top of her and started kissing her while she stroked my cock. I started rubbing her clit with my cock and teasing her with it. "Give it to me daddy". I stuck it in and started fucking her slow and deep while we kissed. She started moaning and saying "I love your fucking cock, fuck me". I started fucking her harder and she pulled the pillow over her face and started screaming louder. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming on your big cock daddy". I flipped her over on all fours, I licked her pussy for a few seconds, and started giving it to her from behind. "Oh my god" she gasped when I started rubbing her asshole with my thumb as I was pounding her from behind. "You fuck me so good daddy" she said as she looked at me in the mirror. Her big tits bouncing back and forth just drove me wild. I was in heaven. "Tell me this is my pussy" I said looking her in the eyes through the mirror. "It's yours daddy, this is your pussy". I grabbed her ass and gave her a few good pumps before I pulled out. I wanted her to ride me. I laid down and she climbed up on my cock, riding me and grinding on it. I loved having her big tits in my face. I was squeezing them and sucking on her nipples while she rode me. She started kissing me again and then whispered in my ear, "I'm going to cum on your cock again" and then nibbled my ear. This turned me on so much, I told her I was going to cum too. "Cum in this pussy baby, please cum inside me, I want it". We came at the same time. It was incredible. She climbed off of me and laid beside me. Both breathing heavily. "Your wife is so lucky to have that cock whenever she wants it". I said to her, "your husband is the lucky one, this weekend has been the best sex of my life". She started kissing me again. "I hope we can continue this after we go home, I don't want this to end" she told me as she looks me in the eyes. "You can count on it, that's my pussy now." She smiled and we started kissing again. We laid there just making out for probably 10-15 minutes before my phone rang. My wife was leaving the spa. We hurried and got dressed. Candi was going to come back to the casino with us. "My plan worked" she said as she winked at me. She was hoping I'd come to the room. Before she opened the door, I grabbed her arm, turned her around and planted another deep kiss on her. Grabbing her ass and squeezing her tits one last time before we left the room. "You're so fucking sexy" I told her. "Tonight, I want you again, let's make it happen baby". She smiled, kissed me again, and opened the door. I gave her a little squeeze and a pat on the ass as we left the room. I think this is the start of something amazing! We'll see how it goes.

10 months ago

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