Work friend

I'm living in a place where I also work threw out lockdown and I share the place with another worker who also stay there but just the few days ago we both been feeling lonely and horny so now we both suck each other and i we fuck most night after his gf gets off facetime with him

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  • You should go back and finish getting your GED so you can write a legible Suicide Note.

  • You should wake up to reality and get a fucking clue.

  • You should pull your head out of your ass and put a bullet through it.

  • It's not my head up my ass, Baby.

  • Maybe I will.

  • When the neighbor boy's girlfriend was gone for the last summer he turned his affection to me. He's a lot older than me
    and i thought it was cool that he wanted to take me places and let me hang out with him. I've been curious about other boys since I was a little kid and began wondering about doing stuff with him and he noticed that I was looking at him kinda funny like sometimes. He said that he missed sex with his girlfriend, especially the sucking anywhere and the quickie fucking that they did a lot of. I thought about it for a minute and blurted out that I could suck him if wanted because I already had sucked my friend. The fucking hadn't happened so I didn't mention that. Well, the sucking was so cool and exciting that when he made the move and pulled my underpants aside and slowly slipping into's so cool!

  • Rape is just SOOOO cool! Fucktard!!!

  • The guy was willing. What's your definition of rape, fool.

  • I wasn't raped by him, we both liked each other and i enjoyed the closeness of him.

  • BS, you rapists and child molesters will do anything to get off. Just kill yourself!

  • I agree. That other idiot needs to be liquidated!

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