Bisexual cuckold

I met my girlfriend 2 1/2 years ago. We had coffee and hit it off very well, and took a walk and started passionately kissing one another over looking a beautiful lake. I asked her if she wanted to come home with me and she later admitted she was afraid if she said yes I would think she was a whore. We managed to make it only into the kitchen of my condo before I had her top off and was sucking on her nipples. I remember thinking, "awesome, I may have just met the whore I have been looking for!"

A little background, I had been married twice to two different, "Oh, that goes against my religious upbringing," type of women that viewed sexual desires as something from the devil, rather than additional joy in a relationship. So much as a dildo would turn them off with disgust. My GF was not that way. I told her within the first week that I was bisexual, that had been since I was a teenager. I told her I love sucking cock, which I do.

She accepted my bisexuality and over the past couple years our playtime has advanced to many wonderful things. My bisexuality is a normal part of sexuality from the standpoint that she has learned to role play a dominant women to me and degrades me with filthy names like calling me her cock sucking cum eating faggot. She knows this gets me off and she has gotten really good at it. She pisses in my mouth upon occasion which turns me on. She may push my face into mud while verbally degrading me and allowing me to masturbate. She pegs me with strap-on dildo's which am learning to enjoy greatly. And she has turned herself into a large dildo fucking whore, because it turns me on to see women fuck dildo's.

Our overall relationship has evolved to the point we are very much in love. We are both in our 60's and don't want to play games anymore, just tell me what you like and if we are both comfortable with it, let's go for it. She says she was never exposed to any of this in her prior life. I have always told her to be very honest about anything she is uncomfortable with and we will not go there. With that in mind we have progressed to all the things above. Now we are progressing towards my cuckold fantasy. I want her to pick out a man she wants to fuck and allow me to suck his cock and whatever else he wants in her presence to get him ready to then fuck her. Then I want to watch him fuck her and clean all his cum up after he is done.

At first that piece of the puzzle was just fantasy, but recently she met a black guy (black cocks are my favorite) playing golf that began flirting with her. She liked him and during that conversation she admitted to him that I was bisexual and we might be open to multiples. She told him I was very oral, so he knows I suck cock. He asked her if that was the kind of life she wanted to live and she told him she was committed to me. He then said he was going to pursue her and she told him no. When she told me this, I was surprised, she just moved this fantasy to a possible reality. We are now putting together a message back to him to let him know she has discussed his advances towards her with me, and offer him my mouth and then her pussy to follow through with us in case he now wants to pursue that. We'll see...

10 months ago

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    • Advance carefully down this road. You'll be dealing with a new person's feelings, motives, and ego. Keep the lines of communication open between all of you. I'm a married man , your age, and we've done this, so, I know from personal experience. Be safe, and have fun.

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