While Hubby is Away, Momma is Gonna Play!

My husband of two years is a miserable little dicked sissy boy. He never buys me flowers or even takes me out for a nice dinner. His idea of fun is watching some stupid movie on Netflix while drinking Mountain Dew Code Red. He makes me buy all my dresses and clothes from Walmart. He is such a cheap bastard. I would divorce him except I have no place to go. At least I'm a rather good looking woman so I decided that I would get my revenge by fucking around on him after he leaves for work. He works days and I work nights so this allows me the opportunity to do what I want with whoever I want.

I make his breakfast and then he leaves for work around 7:30 am. Then I invite one of my lovers over for early morning hot fuck sessions we have in our marital bed. Sometimes I tell my lover to wipe his cock off on my hubbies pillow case. I love fucking around on him. Did I say he has a small skinny penis? Yes well he does. His dick is only four fucking inches in length and about 4.25 in girth. I have been faking orgasms from the start. At first I did it to please him and give him some confidence. Now I do it to mock him.

My lovers have nice size cocks or I won't screw them. I have fucked one of our neighbors and also a guy we went to school with who was a mutual friend all while he was at work. He's so fucking stupid he won't ever catch me. I let them do things to me I don' t do with my hubby. Like give it to me in the ass and also I suck their dicks and swallow their loads. I hope he someday reads this. But he won't even recognize it's me. I said he was stupid didn't I. Time to get ready for my lover. Hope this make someone laugh or smile or want to find a nice sexy woman like me.


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  • I'm guessing he trusts you, or how else could you get away with all your cheating. No matter how stupid you say your husband is , some day you will screw up and leave a clue that he will pick up on. I think deep down you want to get caught, you want to see that sick look on his face when he realizes you are a cheating wife. I think you would love to rub your freshly fucked pussy in his face and laugh while he is doing it. I'm guessing you wouldn't care one way or the other.

  • You are right in what you say. I hope he figures it out. I really do. I would love for him to see my freshly filled pussy full of my lovers semen. Yes the look on his face would be priceless.

  • If you really want to humiliate your husband, let him eat out your wet freshly fucked pussy. Sit on hubby's face and watch as he unknowingly eats another mans cum. tell him how good it was and you want him to do it every night.

  • Been there done that. He's so fucking stupid he doesn't have a clue he's already digested more cum than half the fags in San Fran. What a dipshit I married. Maybe you'd like to fill my nasty mean twat full of your creamy goodness for him to partake of later?

  • You say he is a sissy boy. How do you mean? Is he effeminate in mannerisms? Does he have a crossdressing fetish? Does he like dick?
    Or do you just mean that his dick is short?

  • Like I tell my wife whenever she's copping a bitch, if you don't like it, move the fuck out. Get a job and support yourself, you lazy cunt. I seriously doubt that your husband enjoys supporting an ungrateful little whore.

  • Bitterness R Us!

    Did you know some people have it worse? Probably not...

    Still, it's time you grew up. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  • One word trash

  • You knew he had a tiny dick when you married him, unless, you were a virgin and saved it for the wedding night which is about as likely as winged pigs. Lets hope he sues you for divorce and leaves you and your circus tent flap of a cunt in the dust.

  • Taking it kind of personal aren't you. Makes me wonder who did you over?

  • I'd normally be ok with a wife playing, but you sound like the kind of woman that should just jump in front of a bus

  • I would suggest you find one maybe maximum two young studs with pretty large pricks that you can have confidence in and just keep your sexual activities between yourselves, any more and things get complicated.
    I have a nice young stud he was a virgin when we met so I have trained him the way I like it, my husband knows and does not mind, when Brian comes over my husband stays at his mothers house, Brian and I always sleep in the spare double bedroom, my husband and I always fuck doggie anal plus I give him plenty of blow jobs.
    Brian is not allowed in my bum but everything else is fine.

  • It actually makes me think you are a cruel, selfish, and shallow person.

    I love a slut, though.

  • Lol hes a dickhead but yet hes supporting you?

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