My cousine and a horse

My(m) cousin(f) and i had not had sex yet but we had done some touching and that was good. She was very pretty. Her dad had some land with some cows and a few horses. One day in the summer, we slipped off to the barn. Jan wanted to show me something.
We got there and one of the horses, ed, was in his stall. She told me watch this. She stood with her bottom against the stall wall. There were spaces of a few inches between the wall boards and the next thing you know, ed was sniffing ang licking at her bottom.
She said the day before he did it when she was feeding him. I looked through the cracks and eds dick was out, about a full 12 or 14 inches.
Jan turned around and started touching his dick through the stall wall. Slowly she started stroking him.
It was a turn on. Especially looking at how much she liked it. Like i said, we had done some touching but never without clothes . She saw me looking at her ass while she was stroking ed and she unbuttoned her jean shorts and let them drop. She said, Lick my pussy if you want. With only a slight hesitation i pulled her panties down , she stepped a little wider, and i got on my knees and had a feast. I didnt know what i was doing but i tried to keep doing whatever made her feel the best.
After about 5 minutes, the horse started snorting, . Jan started saying omg, omg, look. That horse came what seemed like a bucketful. About that time someone called our names from the house. I stood up and wiped my face off as she pulled her panties anshorts back up. We went to the house for lunch.

3 months ago


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    • Your cousine

    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • So Hot wish I could have been THERE I would loved to EAT HER Pussy out and while she's sucking and jacking the horse's cock

    • Yes. I fantasize about that cousin a lot.

    • And, the horse too, I bet.

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