Should I help a Homeless person by ...

OK so a question rather than a confession, but who knows it may change :)

I travel quite a lot (UK), and regularly spend a night at a budget friendly roadside rest area (travelodge, premier inn etc), the room booked for me is usually a double or occasionally twin room.

My question is would it be wrong to offer a homeless female (or indeed a male), something to eat, and then to come back to my room for the night to have a shower and a half decent nights sleep, without having to worry too much about who's walking about during the night. - granted its not that easy to switch off and they may worry about me during the night!
Bearing in mind the bed would be most likely a double, so a level of trust would be needed by both parties.

I would of course drop the person off where I 'picked them up' or in a neighbouring town if they prefer.

All i can say is that I can be trusted, and I genuinely want to help.
I have nothing against homeless guys, would just prefer to help a female out for a night like this as I feel (right or wrongly) that they would benefit more and usually pay more attention to hygiene so would appreciate a bath, hair wash and a change of underwear etc.

I would welcome your feedback, Thank you

10 months ago

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    • Yes, you should help a homeless person, but, don't debase them, and yourself, by introducing sex into it. Help shouldn't come with strings attached.

    • Agreed, even though any potential overnight stay would be most likely a double room, which as above (the room/accommodation), is NOT booked by me personally
      Any offer of help is like you say strictly no strings attached and anything sexual would be the last thing on my mind.
      People shouldn't have to bargain with their body ever! and especially when they reach a particularly low point in their life when they are feeling very vulnerable.

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