Bisexual married man

I’m a bisexual married man ! And my wife know that I wear her panties and bras ! She don’t mind me doing it all ! Sometimes when she gets back home from work I’ll be in our bed almost naked only wearing her most sexy bra and panties ! When she gets home she’ll call out for me
I’ll let her know that I’m in the bedroom waiting for her !
So she already knows what time it is !
I already have her lube and her strap on dildo Laing on the bed next to me !
I have the bedroom lights turned off
So when she opens the bedroom door she’ll say there’s me little whore waiting for to duck you like a little cock slut whore !
I really get horny when she calls me that
Then she walks over to me laying down on the bed face down ass up she’ll smack my ass so hard that it hurts !
She will strip down naked and put on her strap on dildo and walk in front of my face and tell to suck her dick like the whore I’m dressed like ! I didn’t comply with her at first so she snaked my ass a few more times but really hard this time ! I love it when she gets mad with me when I don’t amply with her ! It makes me fell like a real silt !
She love being to dominate one
So I open my mouth and let her guck my mouth
D so he loves to put her hands on the back of my head and force me down on we dildo trying to make me gag on it ! But I didn’t gag at all no matter how hard she would push my head down on it I’ve had a lot of practice sucking dick from in my early years!
Don’t get me wrong I love it when she takes full control of our sex life !
After a little while she told to bend over the of the bed so she can rape my ass like I’m a whore that I am !
I love it when she talks to me like that !
It gets me really going it’s makes my dick get hard !
And I’ll do anything that she tells to do ! I don’t care if she tells to eat a mans ass I’ll do it eat a mans cumm I’ll do it take a monster cock up my ass I’ll do it take 2 cocks in my ass I’ll do it and love it !
I love everything my wife makes me do !
She makes my eat Cumm no matter guys cock if shots of as long as I swallow it
I love my wife so much for being so open minded !
If I wanted to have four guys fuck me she would say no problem! Hell she would even find the biggest vicks to fuck me in both of my holes !
She’s even ok with them shoring there loads inside of me on my face in my ass in my mouth !
I don’t mind as long I’m getting fuck like a slut white !!
As lol wife dies is stand back and record me getting pounded like a bitch in heat !!

10 months ago

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    • LOL ! You shouldn't type while intoxicated.

    • You shouldn’t molest pre-teen boys.

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