I can’t believe I agreed but I’m so excited

My girlfriend is sent me a text this morning of a hot woman fucking her SO with a strap on. The next message said “I want to fuck your ass like you fucked mine! So what do you think? Are you man enough to take a hard rubber cock in your ass?” Then she sent a link to a video. I’ll admit. Even before she sent me the link I was already saying yes!!! More like fuck yes!!!

I didn’t text back immediately. I watched the video and immediately became hard. This gorgeous tiny blonde was fucking some guy and she was definitely in charge. They started with him on all fours and her behind him. She was calling him a good cock slut and kept saying to him “Tell me you love my cock in your ass!!! You man ass!!!” I didn’t quite get the “man ass” part but between the ass fucking and the tiny blonde’s dirty talk I was stroking my cock. Eventually he was on his back and she was fucking his ass like an expert. It finished with her jerking him off as he exploded!!! I came shortly after and sent my girlfriend a text and pic back. “You can take this as your answer!” Followed by the pic of me softening cock and cum all over my chest and chin. She texted b Ac k quickly “Oh babe your the fucking greatest.” Then the next text “Ohhhh I’m gonna fuck your ass like you did the first time!!! Slow at first and then I’m goin balls deep!!! LOL”. This made me hard again. Fucking hot and sexually depraved girlfriend. Yes I’m the luckiest guy around. I texted back “The rough part was your idea!!! Take it easy on me back there! LOL”. She replied “Just like I told you or first time. I’ll get you horny and use a lot of fucking lube. You’ll be begging me to slam my rubber cock in your virgin ass!!” I reminded her her asshole wasn’t virginal and her ex has a pretty thick cock. She shot back “Yes but I love when you cum in my ass! My ex couldn’t stay hard long enough to finish. LOL!!” We agreed she’d “Fuck my tight virgin ass Friday”. I so fucking excited to be taken in the ass by my hot girlfriend.

She’s going shopping tonight for a strap on. We agreed nothing over 4” and very thin. She said she’d be the good slut she is and get exactly what I want. Further confession time. I once asked her what it was like to get fucked in the ass by her ex’s beer can thick cock.

So on Saturday (or maybe Sunday depending on how rough she is) I’ll post an update and let you know what’s it’s like to get ass fucked by a hot woman with a strap on.

Fuck I’m hard just a thinking about it.

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