Brother's girlfriend

One night after I went to bed my brother and his girlfriend came home and went into his bedroom which was next to mine. I could hear them on the bed talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying. Then my door opened and my brother's girlfriend was standing there naked. My brother was behind her and he pushed her into my room. He looked at me and told me that I had about 30 minutes with her since he was going to the store to get beer.
I got up and put my arms around her as soon as he left. I kissed her but she resisted but I got her down on my bed. I ran my hands over her body but really didn't know what to do since I was still a virgin. She told me to get over her and she guided my dick into her. I quickly came in her but continued fucking her until she came. We laid there until we heard my brother come up the stairs and she got up and went into my brother's room.
Then I listened to my brother fucking her.
About a month later they broke up and I asked her out. Even though we had already fucked, she made me wait three weeks before we fucked again. I learned a lot about women and sex from our summer together. In the fall we went to different colleges but would date during the summers. We would talk about the people that we dated during the school year and it added some excitement. After we both graduated we got jobs in a large city in another state. We decided to move in together and have been together 48 years and have been married for 46 years. My wife says that she got the better brother and I say that I got the best wife a guy could want.

1 month ago


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    • I had run into my brothers ex over the summer break in Spain. And we ended up hooking up for the whole summer before going our separate ways

    • I USED to think my older brother and I were in separate lanes when it came to girls. When he started dating my ex I got PISSED. He seemed to love to try to humiliate me with his claims of how far he got with her.

      A few years later, when he was married and having marital problems, I felt no small amount of revenge when I let his wife seduce me. They are divorced and she is remarried but he still carries a torch for her. She was 'his one...'

    • Why did your brother break up with her? Anything related to sharing her with you? Do you or have you shared her in the 48 years?

    • Good question.

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