Training Mission

Lt. Jackie
Jackie was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army reserve. She shared this story with me.
Her squad was out on a 3-day training mission. I have never served so I’m not familiar with the terminology but ill tell you what I remember.
She told me that she constantly was harassed by the guys in her unit after all she is a beautiful woman and can be very defiant so most folks take things she says as a challenge.
As a supporting story she told me that she grew up poor. It was just her, her mother and her cousins (all boys). She shared that when she was 10, she and her cousins were talking. They had been in bed for a while and one of the older boys told her that he was going to fuck her. Her response was ‘no you won’t!” she said the next thing she knew was 3 of her cousins were pulling off her pajamas. Once she was naked, they rolled her on her stomach and fucked her ass.
After that night she said they would routinely come into her room to fuck her ass. She said she would just pull down her bottoms and put a pillow under her hips and let them fuck her so she could go to sleep.
I think she enjoyed that kind of attention because she shared this next adventure with me.
As I stated earlier, she was out on a training mission. It had been a rough 3 days and she had made a few bad command decisions. She told me her whole squad was pissed at her for her mistakes. One of the reasons was she goth them lost and they had to walk very far out of the way to get back to where they needed to be.
On the third night they bedded down in different areas of a wooded area. Not so far as they couldn’t support each other but far enough away that she couldn’t hear them snore. It had been raining off and, on all night, so the summer heat made it feel like a sauna.
As she tells the story she was awaked by someone putting a gag in her mouth then a bag over her head as her wrists were being held. She was rolled on her back and her wrists were tied to stakes. Then she felt her boots and pants being removed. Once they were gone her ankles were tide spreading her legs open. Her t-shirt and bra pushed up to her neck.
She was fucked multiple times that night both in her pussy and her ass. When they were done, they cut her loose and disappeared into the darkness leaving her to take off the hood and gag. She told me she didn’t report what had happened because she didn’t want the hassle but watching her face as she told the story I got the distinct impression that she enjoys be admired by men. Being seen naked is a turn on for her and men using her body is a huge compliment to her. She thinks that they find her so attractive they just have to have her.
Her fantasy or true? Ill never know but she did enjoy telling the story.

11 months ago

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