My wife had me cross dress before to lgbt nightclub

So mife was going to go to a custom party so she had me dress up as a woman !
But she didn’t tell where she was taking out to !
She had me shave my legs and arms and my face ! I didn’t know why but I didn’t want to ask she told me that I’m going to really enjoy it !
Do she had a smoking hot outfit for me wear !
I had to put on a red strapless bra and a pair of red lace thong panties with black fishnet stockings with a black leather top and a fed leather skirt and a long and a pair of thigh gift boots blond wig and she was dressed up as a male construction worker wearing lone sleeve shirt with her name on it and blue jeans and a pair of work boots ! Note the both of us are in our mid 30 ‘s ! I was felling like a sexy ass whore that was out looking for a men to have their way with me !
Finally we arrived at the nightclub and went inside and walked up to the bar ordered a few drinks !
I started to look around and I noticed a few guys looking at me with lust in their eyes like I was a piece of fresh meat !
After a few more drinks we got out on the dance floor and to have fun dancing and her grinding on my leg I’m so glad that I pulled my cock back between my legs and fastened it inside my thong because I was starting to get hard from all of the bumping ang grinding
After a little while we went back to the bar and had a few more drinks !
Now I’m felling really fucking good !
Then a couple at the end of the bar asked the bartender to ask if we like to join them at at private table! So we said yes that we will be more then happy to join them ! We talked and they loved my outfit how I was looking really sexy !so we had a few more drinks and we asked them if they would like to go home the us ! They said that didn’t think we were going asked them about going home with us ! I found them to be very attractive couple!
So as we walked out to the parking lot the man of the 2 grabbed me pushed me to the side of our car and started kissing me ! At this point all bets are off I whispered in his ear that I want to suck his dick right here and right now ! All he asked me is how far am I willing to go
I told him that I’m ready to go all the way ! So before I knew it he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and told me to show what I willing to do so I got down on my knees and put his cock in my mouth and started sucking his nice cock !
My wife was so surprised from what I’m doing in a parking lot ! I needed to show them what I’m all about
He was so turned on that he came in my mouth in less then 5 minutes after he dumped his load in my mouth I got up and open mouth kissed him with his cumm etiology in my mouth!
That’s when I looked at my wife’s face and I was able to see the lusty look in her eyes !
So we got into our cars and they followed us back to our house and when we walked into the front door the 4 of us dropped all our clohlths off and went into our bedroom and started going crazy kissing rubbing grabbing ang touching every once of our body’s!
It turned out to become 1 big duck fest all night sucking fucking moaning and groaning ! After all the fun was over we all got dressed and we walked out to there car and kissed someone and said goodbye not forgetting to get there phone numbers ! We definitely need to repeat this night again !
After my wife and I went back inside the house and locked the door we went into our bedroom and she pushed me down on the bed and got on top of my cock and started to ride my like a horse she made me Cumm inside her then she got off my cock turned around and Sat on my face d sad I I can lick my Cumm from her pussy and she can suck my cock clean of all our juices mixed together !
That night of sex was so intense we’ve never had such hot sex at all ! 👍😃

11 months ago

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    • Love the story!

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