Before the concert

At the time, I was 16 and my girlfriend was 15. We had been dating a few months. Not too awful much as happened at this point. She has given me one blowjob, but I didn't finish before we got interrupted, and a single hand job where I did finish. I enjoyed fingering her and going down on her, I'm sure at 16 that I was not the best, but we enjoyed ourselves.

I played trombone for my city's youth symphony orchestra. We played at massive venues like Disney and Carnegie Hall (a dream come true). But this evening we were hosting a concert at our local college. They had halls of practice rooms available. There wasn't much privacy because each door had a window on the front. Most of the college kids would tape paper over the door because it is annoying to watch when practicing. However, there was one room that was on a corner. You couldn't see in from the door because the way the room cut in immediately. This was my favorite room, since I was in high school and didn't have paper or tape with me. A quick escape to get away from people.

My girlfriend came to this concert from out of town (long distance sucks), and we were on each other the moment we met. It had been a month since we got to make out. So, as we are kissing backstage, I get extremely hard. Being a sex-deprived 16-year-old, I was oozing precum so much that a spot was forming on my pants. She whispered in my ear that we can take care of that after the concert. But I had a better idea.

We had just under an hour before I had to be on state, so I took her to the practice rooms, told my friends that I had to go warm up. I lead her there, and between the door of the room, and the piano, I dropped my pants, exposing my modest 7 inch dick. It was actively dripping precum, I was so turned on. She kissed me as she grabbed my did and started sliding her hand on me. It felt amazing! We didn't need any spit or lube since I was so wet.

After a few minuets of us making out and her giving me a hand job, I sat on the floor and she got between my legs and started kissing the tip of my dick. She opened her mouth and took me in. She couldn't deep throat, but I didn't care at all, hell, this was only my second blowjob. Roughly 5 minutes later, I let her know I was about to cum. Since there wasn't anywhere to do it cleanly, she told me to cum in her mouth. Hell yeah! I shoot my cum into her small mouth. Most I have ever came to this point in my life. It was 8 or 9 full shots right into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but there was a small stream dripping on her lips and chin. She used her finger to get the rest and lick it off me.

With my dick still out, but slowly getting soft, we made out some more as she played with my shrinking dick. I could taste myself on her. I told her that I wanted to return the favor, so we switched spots. I lowered her panties and raised her skirt. I started kissing and licking her clit with one finger inside of her. She grabbed my shoulders, moaning, and kept bucking her hips. After 15 or 20 minutes, she came hard. Her whole body was spasming for 5 minutes or so. We were both exhausted and blushing. This was the first time I made a girl orgasm and the first time someone made her orgasm.

We cleaned ourselves up in the bathroom and I went out to my concert. The concert went well.

We always told each other we would lose our virginities together, but we broke up 6-months later.

After that, I met my now fiancé when I was 18. We have been together for 8 years now, and we have sex (or go down on each other) almost every night for 8 years. Maybe our first time will come in another story.

10 months ago

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