My sister

Me and my sister are fraternal twins. We are super close. When I reached puberty she would laugh at me for playing with it. Then a few months after she gets her first period. Right after it was over she told me that she was touching herself like I was. So I asked her if I could see her do it. We were all alone after school and my parents were not going to be home for 3 hours. She took her panties off and showed me how she was wet down there. As soon as I could smell her scent I got hard. I took my pants off and I asked her if I could touch her. She told me that I didn't have to ask her to do that because I was the other half of her. I touched it and she said it felt good. She touched me and I asked her if she wanted to play with each other when everyone was not home. So we touched and watched each other masturbate. She started to develop tittys and I had a growth spurt right before Christmas break. I told her that I had to show her something but we were never alone. My family was always around during the holidays. But two days after our break started my mom and aunt went shopping for us so she left us home alone. She said she would be out all day and she would call us before she was coming back. As soon as my mom left I ran into my sister's room and asked her if she wanted to see two things I have been wanting to show her. I told her I had a porno video to watch and I want to try to do some of the things I saw with her. We started to watch it and she said she was going to take her clothes off and told me to do it so she could play with me. I told her that she wasn't going to believe me if I told her. She said she didn't care what I was going to show her. As soon as I took my pants off and told her to look at my dick and she was amazed at how much it grew since she saw it about a week before. I told her that I want to try to put it inside her the same way on the video. She used tampons and she said that she sometimes plays with herself when she puts them inside her. She was really wet and I was really hard . She told me to stand next to her and rub my dick on her like the guy in the video was doing. She told me to let her do it. Soon as she started to rub it on her she said she wants me to try to see if it will fit in her hole. I was trying everything but only the head fit. She told me to just rub it on her. So I put it on her like a hotdog and she loved it. As soon as I came it got really slippery. And I didn't get soft. She wanted to suck it and as soon as she started she said she loved how my stuff tasted . She said it was salty and she would do it with me If I liked it. I told her to do it all the time. I was really hard and I asked her to try it again. She said ok and her pussy was covered in my cum. I couldn't find the hole and she grabbed it and put it on the opening. I pushed it back and forth on the spot and it actually happened. I was half way in her and she didn't care. I told her that I was in and she said it felt like I was supposed to be there. I started to imitate the movie. And she started to moan and enjoy it. I heard her moan and I just came in her without a warning. She told me that she liked how it feels when I did it and she said she wants me to do that to her all the time. My sister got caught kissing a boy in school two months later and our parents put her on birth control. That made us both crazy. We have been doing it for years. She said she knows that it is not the right thing to do but we are from the same egg so we are the same person. So we don't have to feel bad. She told me that she wants to find a couple so we can see each other doing it with someone else. Plus I have wanted to watch her eat pussy for me forever. But everyone knows that we are related. So we have to go away to find someone to get it done. No one is going to know if we never stop. We are going to do it even after we get married. It's not cheating cause we are the same person split in two

1 month ago

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