Shame I did what I did

I’m not giving my name ,I’ll just say I’m married female 42 5’ 1” size 16 so plump
I had an internet fling with someone who lived down the road from me but at the time I had no idea where he was from .
He was 5yrs younger married too
It started with sex chat and flirting on an internet chat site
Then to caming with no sound as it was late at night
That got to day caming and talking dirty , I’m not going to lie it was a huge turn on for me .
He must have known that I was local as we were texting online one day and he texted me to look out the front window .
I nearly passed out he was standing outside my house , I panicked and told him he must leave , but he didn’t and walked up to knock on the back door.
I hissed at him to go but he wouldn’t untill I gave him a kiss .
I kissed him quickly and said go , then he said I’m here now let me see what you show me on cam , I was blushing hot and starting to panic
I did will you go if I show you he agreed so I lifted my blouse and showed my boobs
I never expected him to react as he did
His face changed to disbelief then unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock which was huge , much larger than it looked on cam
I could feel my pussy tingle
He came over and touched my boobs
I lost all inhibition now and he lifted my skirt I wasn’t wearing any knickers as I was home alone .
I dropped to his knees abs started kissing my pussy and licking my clit
I dropped to the floor and he got on top of me
In less than two minutes he came but hardly went soft he just pumped me slowly then turned me over on to me knees and fingered my pussy which was soaked with both our fluids
What he did next appalled me but I found it massively hot
He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and started to rub my arse with the cum
I froze when he did it again then told me to relax , at which point he pressed his cock against my arse hole abs pushed slowly but firm
He slid in deeper and deeper
I could feel his cock hardening and then he stated thrusting harder and harder
The dirty talk started and I called him a dirty bastard which turned him on as he called me a filthy slut and told me how tight I was and he knew I loved it
I did love it to my shame
I can’t help myself I feel so dirty and horny sometimes I will call him on the app to come and fuck me at night when everyone are in bed
I think I’ve turned in to a slut with a sex problem

1 month ago


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