I had no Idea that so many interest on sitting on stomach. There seems to be many who would like to sit on a women's stomach. As student, I wonder if people would be willing spend money it I offered my stomach to sit on?

Jul 9
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    • Even fought I'm petite, I have good abs and I'm generally athletic, but I don't know if I could handle 134kg. Out of curiosity, I'll try someone who weight a lot when I get chance.

    • People will do all kinds of things for money. I weigh 134 kgs and my wife doesn't want to be sat on because I'm too heavy for her to support. Thats about 300 pounds. But she has a friend who would be willing to do it. So we invited the friend over to the house. She lay down on our hardwood floor. With my wife watching she endured my weight for over 2 hours. Which amazed me because she only weighs 57 kgs. Then my wife told me that she is a fitness guru whose brother tramples her belly to keep her in shape! I paid her fee an gave her a good tip.

    • I tried it out with a friend before I asked the question. She weighted 92kg. I myself am very slim (170cm 53-54kg). We stopped the time. I was already struggling with her full weight on my stomach. After 34 minutes I give up. But I think I can more with a bit of training. So 100kg on my stomach shouldn't be a problem. I want to test with more weight. I am from Poland.

    • I have a female friend who I regularly sit on and I pay her every time I do so. I am a guy weighing 117 kilograms. She weighs 55 kgs. At first she could only take my weight for 20 to 25 minutes but now she does over 2 hours.

    • I would pay you a lot but i wonder if you can withstand my 100 kg weight on top of you. Where you are located?

    • Sorry no! I still go along with the rubbing, but not everything else. It's all about stomach sitting.

    • I would pay you $100 to rub my hard cock on your stomach so long as I could also put it in your mouth and cum down your throat. Would you do that for $100? 10 minutes.

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