Brotherly love

It was a hot august day. My brother and I were weeding the garden,getting dirty and sweaty. We finished and standing there in shorts and sneakers , he said lets go swimming. I said OK. WE went to our swimming hole and dove in. My shorts were a little to large and fell of in the water. I stood up naked and embarassed. My brother said not to worry and took his shorts off. Lets go skinny dipping he said. We played naked naked in the water for a bit, then he grabbed me and started to wrestle with me. He had under the water so when I surfaced I had to gulp for air. With my mouth wide open for air he put his soft cock in. I was surprised and coughed. His cock was still in my mouth and started to grow. I liked the feel and taste so I closed my lips around him. He got hard it felt great. I asked him what do i do now. He said lick and suck it. I did I tasted something salty and sweet . What's that I asked. He moaned and said precum. Does your cum taste as good? He said ya keep going. I took his cock in my mouth and tongue it while I went up and down on him. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. It was a first and I loved it. He moaned, asked if I wanted his cum. I said please give me it. He pulled out started spewing on me then stuffed back in and came in my mouth. I got off my knees, he put his shorts on. I stood there and stroked my cock untill I had my first orgasm. We went home and had a secret. We later had Another swim when he stuffed my ass.

11 months ago


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    • Really nice girl and I'm trying something like that with my sister and she has been so sexy in her past few months that I have been looking at her with some other intentions and and she knows what I am looking at and she really has a great body and beautiful tits that I am going to enjoy and will make sure that she does too

    • My brother used to masturbate with my moms vibrator when we would shower. His cum is the first o ever saw or felt or tasted. He taught me to madturbate. I taught my little brother and sister.

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