Birthday surprise

My wife Kay and I have a tradition on our birthdays that the other spouse has to honor the birthday mates wishes. On Kay's last birthday we went out of town and stayed at a hotel that had a crowded pool. She bought me a tiny thong Speedo and insisted that I act like it was completely normal. I was extremely embarrassed and promised to get revenge on my next birthday.

My next birthday arrived on a Saturday so I put my plan in motion. I booked a hotel about three hours away and talked my wife into flashing her top at several truckers and one RV. It was a Friday night and traffic was fairly heavy. Once we got in the room she immediately jumped me and we made love. She always gets aroused when she does anything that involves exhibitionism. She asks me if I was satisfied with my birthday wish. I reminded her my birthday was tomorrow. I may have cheated a little.

I pack her some short shorts and a tank top that was see through. We waited until the sun was starting to go down and headed to some suburbs just on the outskirts of town. We arrived at a fairly secluded area and I told her I wanted to watch her streak. She looks around and asks how far? I told her 3-4 houses down and back. After promising her I would not move the car or lock the doors, she pulls off her clothes, except tennis shoes, and heads out. Proving to be a good sport, she ran past six houses and back. She jumps back in the car slightly winded but giggling. I don't think anyone saw her but the risk added to our adventure. She looks at me, grabs my hand and places it on her wet pussy. She was as turned on as I was.

We continue driving around the neighborhood and Kay has still not gotten dressed. I am enjoying the view and she is enjoying teasing me. We pass an old man walking his old dog. She tells me to pull around the block and park behind him. I do what she asks and she turns to me and says "should I make an old mans day?" I just nod my head afraid I will say something wrong. She makes me make the same promises of not moving or locking the door.

She bolts out of the car. Its not completely dark yet and the street has good street lights so she is very visible and looks amazing. I get out and sit on the hood to enjoy the show. She runs by but at a very relaxing slow pace. The old man looks concerned at first but then realizes she is giggling and having fun. She passes him and continues for a few more houses and then turns around and jogs past him again and runs into my arms. I give her a big hug and squeeze her ass. I just can't resist. By this time the old man has turned and started making his way to us. I do not mention it but Kay must have heard his or the dog's approaching footsteps. She turns towards him and makes no effort to cover up.

The man introduces himself as Emit and says thanks for making my evening. I told him about our birthday game and he said he was honored to be a part of it. Kay is just standing with my arms around her facing him enjoying the attention. His eyes keep looking her body up and down. I gently turn her so he can get another nice gaze of her butt. She whispers "before we go, should I give him a goodbye hug?" Again I don't want words to fail me and I just nod.

She leaves my arms and asks if he would mind if I held the leash. She hand the dog to me and puts out her arms in a hugging position. Emit walks over and she takes his hands and places them on her tits. He gets a huge smile and starts caressing her tits playing extra attention to her nipples. She turns her ass towards him and starts twerking and rubbing up on his crotch. He puts his hands between her cheeks and touches her asshole.

My wife sticks her fingers inside her pussy and places her wet fingers in his mouth which he greedily accepts. She says you may kiss one thing before I go. He sits down on the curb and she walks over to him. He pulls her close and puts his tongue inside her pussy. My wife lets out a little moan and pulls his face deaper.

She then turns, offers her ass and using both hands pulls her cheeks apart. He takes his time first kissing, then licking her asshole to finally putting his tongue as deep inside her ass as he could.

She turns and get in the car. I hand Emit his dog and help him to his feet. He points out his house and offers to come by every birthday. We get back on the highway and Kay still is nude. We pass a trucker and she puts her legs up on the dash. I turn on the interior lights to give him a better view. Kay starts playing with herself and in no time is having an orgasm.

This might be my best Christmas challenge ever.

11 months ago

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