Nice while it lasted

When I was 24 I reversed into a car and broke the light, the gentleman was very nice about it, I was in tears, we exchanged details and he said he will let a friend have a look before making a claim if I was happy to pay for the damages.
I week later I received a text from him explaining the costs, it was £220, his friend works at a garage and can get the parts cheaper.
I was struggling for money, my boyfriend said it was a lot better this way then making a claim.
I agreed to pay £220 and asked if it was ok to pay at the end of the month.
He texted back saying, call it £100 if you let me buy you lunch, I said ok but didn’t tell my boyfriend.
Lunch was at a very posh hotel, never been to such an experience place, I had more wine then I intended too and he invited me to his house to relax.
His house was lovely so clean like it had never been lived in, between us we finished a bottle of wine and I was feeling super relaxed.
We ended up in bed and sex was out of this world, we had sex many times over two weeks then I didn’t hear from him again.
Found out he was 47 and married but the sex was unbelievable, every time we had sex I was left shaking, breathless and exhausted.

23 days ago

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    • Wow! What a wonderful experience! And thanks for sharing it!!! I hope you get too see him again . . . . and soon!

    • I had a woman run into me and just got out crying before anything was even said, she looks down at the damage and tells me that her husband cannot find out about this and she will do anything I want if I pay for the repairs. I looked it over and thought hell if I just replace the tail light and bend this and that it will be fine. After some more talking I gave her my address and number and said that she was probably never going to show up but if she does come ready for sex. She called me like two days later and asked what time I wanted her over, she showed and I was very surprised, when I was done she told me she was going to run into me every week. She was pretty nice looking and to top it off her boobs were full of milk, she actually apologized when one started leaking when I gripped it, I licked it off of her and sucked on it for a bit. She came over four times and told me that she wanted to keep it going.

    • Older men like us know how to treat a lady.

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