Observational question…
I know everyone is different but how can women be miles apart from each other.
The girlfriend I’m with now loves having her pussy licked, she would happily have me sucking on her clit all day.
My previous girlfriend couldn’t stand having her pussy licked.
When it comes to sex surly you don’t have likes and dislikes it spoils the mood.
I’m not a big fan of anal, much prefer a nice wet pussy but I’m not saying to my girlfriend “no I’m not fucking you in the ass I don’t like it” of course I’m going to fuck her in the ass.
I’ve also been with someone that wouldn’t give a blowjob and not jerk me off.
One girlfriend hated being fingered, said it was disgusting and she was the one that like anal.
Also this applies to most women, especially the ones I’ve dated, you can fuck them up the ass in the pussy cum over their face etc but the second you see them in their underwear they freak out.
What’s going on girls!

1.1 years ago

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    • I had a girlfriend that loved to have her pussy licked and was OK with me cumming on her as long as it wasn't mouth/face area but she didn't like giving blow jobs. Another couldn't wait to take my cock in her mouth but didn't like cum on her body. Another loved to be spanked but another said no way. I agree, everyone is different.

    • This is a great and mysteriously fascinating subject that really makes life worth living. Why do we like or hate what we do, sexually ? And, no two people, women or men are alike. True snowflakes, to use an overused and , often, incorrectly applied term. Most can't even articulate reasons why, or, are too oppressed to say anything. If we were all alike it would be a sad fucking world indeed !

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