Does my wife want to or not?

I have been married to my wife for almost 20 years now. In all that time she has very conservative about sex, not really wanting to do anything taboo. She is a plain Jane sort of a woman only wanting sex in the bedroom.

A few years ago I pushed the envelope and asked her if she wanted to hear my fantasy. It took several times asking, but she finally said yes. I told her my fantasy was to watch her have sex with another man. At first she was kind if upset, but then I told her it was simply a fantasy and that I really didn't want her fucking someone else.

Since then I have on occasion asked to talk dirty to her. She never answers me directly and I have noticed that if she does, she will say "if you want to", but if not, then she says nothing at all. Next I ask her what she wants me to say. Normally she answers with "whatever you want". To which I reply with "ok, dirty talk then" and proceed with talking about her being hot and me wanting to fuck her. But sometimes I reply with "ok, kinky talk it is" and proceed with talking about how I want to watch another man her her pussy.

This has been the same now since I started talking to her, always the same, and always the same responses or variations of her responses. That is until the other day. Unusually she acted flirty with me all day. Around midnight I was getting ready for bed and she came in saying "I suppose you want sex?" I hadn't said a word, but I wasn't going to say no. So we are getting it on and I finally jump on top. She is into it and I could tell she was horny. So I ask her if she wants me to talk dirty to her. Only this time it was different. She simply said "yes". So I move on to my next question, "Dirty or Kinky?" She immediately says "Kinky". So I say "what do you want me to tell you?" And she snaps back with "tell me your fantasy." So I start by saying dirty shit while I only rib my dick on her clit. Then I say I want to find some guy on vacation to eat her pussy and then slid his dick in her pussy. When I got to the part where I said I want him to slid his dick in her pussy, I slid my dick into her. She immediately has the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have.

So now I'm thinking she may have changed her mind and really does want to fuck another guy. What do you all think? Any women's take on this would be great.

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  • My wife gets off on all the other guy fantasy stuff -- she loves it -- she'll even flirt with guys like a hussy, especially on vacation. she's had her chances but nothing comes of it. Her girlfriend told me she fucked her ex -- but she says she didn't. She knows she can tell me and I'd get off on that, so she probably didn't.

  • Talk to her about it, plant the seed in her head, maybe find a man she finds attractive and add him to your fantasies, perhaps one day he will be the one filling her pussy

  • I think sometimes women don't want you to ask what they want if it's dirty talk. Just do it. I think she's probably just sharing your fantasy in her mind. Sharing a man is a huge move.

  • She could just enjoy the roleplay. My husband and I do it sometimes. We'll pretend that we are fucking our friends and stuff, and it's silly, but fun and hot if you can get into it. We'd never really do such a thing, and neither would our friends--I think. . .

  • Damn that’s hot!! I think there are females out there thinking about what their mans friends would be like in bed. Of course it’s the same for men

  • Any progress buddy ?

  • My husband had a prostrate operation and could no longer have sex we were only 25, about three months later my mother in law passed away, with my husbands support his father and I started having sex it was so good he was much larger and had more stamina than my husband and we have had two wonderful children together, we are building a nanny flat in our back yard so he will always be on tap for me.

  • Prostrate operations and removals only cause the guy to no longer ejaculate. They can still get it up and have sex. So I call bullshit on your story.

  • Would you like to try it, you jerk, you have no idea, not sure about today but would think it was the same as when my husband was done.
    So piss off goose.

  • Actually I do know from experience, so yeah, I still call bullshit you fucking troll. You're probably a faggoty 13 year old boy. Get a life loser.

  • Kind of the opposite here. I was dating this girl and she wanted me to sleep with her sister. I kept telling her no until one night we were drunk and playing cards. My girlfriend convinced me to sleep with her sister to which she went along with the idea. Her husband was out of town so it was easy. Six weeks later my girlfriends sister came over and said she was pregnant and suspected it was mine, but would raise the child with her husband believing it belongs to him. I'm pretty sure the kid belongs to me. She has some of my features.

  • Sounds to me like she might have already slept with another man and liked it.

  • I think you need to be careful. My husband used to ask me about it all the time until I finally agreed to have sex with his bestfriend. At first it was great but then it got to where my husband never wanted to have sex only watch if that. One day my husband just asked for a divorce and said it was because I was too interested in his bestfriend. He moved out and I continued to have sex with his friend. Now the bestfriend and I are married and I have no idea where my exhusband is.

  • I also think she is seriously considering it, but please give her time and the right encouragement.
    My husband wanted me to have sex with other men, while it took a fair while for me to agree a very nice older gentleman moved in next door and really started coming onto me, after I told my husband they became real good friends and eventually told him he could use me anyway he liked, initially I was a bit reluctant but once we had sex I loved it, he has the most wonderful cock fits all my holes perfectly and OH BOY does he know how to use it, he can come over anytime but really likes at least once a day usually early afternoon, the sessions last for hours.
    I have a tattoo just above my pussy (Ken's Slut) and am thinking of having my labia's pierced so he can put a lock through and keep the keys as my husband only likes blow jobs and anal these days.
    Such a good arrangement, wish I had started earlier.

  • Like myself she is being very cautious it took months before I agreed to let another guy have sex with me with my husbands knowledge even then I was not sure of the outcome but he is really fine with it now, only stipulation is they have to wear a condom, I have four regular lovers and life is good.

  • She certainly is starting to at least think of it so without being too pushy keep at it.
    My husband wanted me to have sex with other guys after a long while I finally agreed, it was my best decision, now I have two regular boyfriends separately both can come around if my husband is home or not, sometimes he watches and encourages us.
    So great not even thinking of being caught plus my husband and I have a fantastic sex life.

  • Sounds like she is coming around, one thing if you don't mind "do you do her anally doggie style"
    I was just a missionary position girl and did not like my husband seeing me naked until he pursuaded me to do anal, it took a while to get used to but now we love it so much, I adore being naked on all fours waiting for him to mount, he is starting to suggest I should let him see me with a young well hung stud and truly I am getting excited, he is talking to a young country boy that has just started working with him, his photos arouse me.

  • I would say she is considering it, not a change of mind. See if she reacts this way again and continue to build up to it.

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