What is it I do so wrong

Me and my friend love going out together, we both dress very sexy and show as much as we dare.
My friend is not so fussy when it comes to men, me I’m very fussy, I like a well groomed man that takes control when he has a woman beside him.
I can honestly say that me and my friend have made a name for ourselves, we do pick up a lot of men, we also have a lot of fun.
Recently I’ve been feeling very low, when I look back on all the fun we have it’s very obvious my friend is having a lot more fun then I am especially when it comes to having sex.
We tell each other everything and I mean everything! when she explains her sexual experience it seems 100% better than mine, I know she’s not exaggerating because my sexual experience are so dull.
I seem to pick the guy that’s happy with vanilla sex while she gets to have so much more fun.
What is it I do so wrong when it come to having sex with men.

11 months ago

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    • Part of the problem is your “fussiness” A man that is in “control” of the woman beside him probably expects sex from her and is more focused on getting himself off than her pleasure try expanding your net a little and you may have more fun. Also, a guy that isn’t expecting sex may work harder at it and you can also take the lead and initiate things with a guy that is less in control. (From an experienced man’s perspective)

    • You should arrange a threesome with your friend. That way you can see what she does to, supposedly, have more fun than you.

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