My hubby's birthday

I'm a 25 year old gay man. My husband, Steve, and I are swingers; our only two rules are, consenting adults only, and the other has to be present to watch(or take pictures, or get their jollies off with someone else, depending). For Steve's birthday last month, I arranged a party; called up all our friends who might've been up to it, and Steve and I went out for a few hours while they set up the surprise. When we got back, there were eight naked guys, all guys we'd had fun with before, waiting in the living room to jump out and yell "surprise!". I had Steve sit in a chair, while I got down on my knees in the kiddy pool in the middle of the living room. For the next hour, I think, I had loads of cum shot in my mouth, up my ass, and all over my body. Everybody there must've blasted off four loads, at least. Steve and I had been to orgies, but neither of us had ever been to a gangbang. Steve had always wanted to watch a gangbang with me as the center, and boy, did he ever!
The beer had been flowing extremely freely that evening, as had wine, mountain dew and Mike's hard lemonade, whatever anyone there drank. After everyone was exhausted and couldn't get it up once more, myself included, I rolled over onto my back in the sticky puddle of jizz, thanked everyone and fell asleep right there in the cum pool!

11 months ago

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    • Lucky bastard.

    • We both are! Lol we've been good-naturedly arguing about whose birthday present that actually was, because it was a huge fantasy for both of us for a long time.

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