Vanilla wife

Recently my wife went from vanilla and not initiating to wanting me. We opened up a whole new world. I shared many thoughts, fetishes and desires with her, and got her to tell me about her sexual past. It really turned me on, i couldnt keep my hands off her, couldnt keep from thinking of her, wanting her. Apparently i may have shared too many thoughts, fetishes and desires because we are back where we were. I dream, fantasize and want her to be part of my sexual life, but she is unwilling. Guess im back to taking matters in my own hands.

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  • Ian jealous

  • She sounds like she might have had a bit more of a rough sexual past than she has told you about. My wife had never experienced bondage with her formers and she really enjoys it but when she told me that she had been forced to have sex with two men I did not push the bondage. She told me that she really enjoys it though and their is a trust between us for her to explore her fetishes without being hurt.

  • Just wish she would open up and accept that sex can be fun, exciting, and adventurous. So much i want to do/try and was hoping she wanted to be part of it.

  • Just wondering how a liar like you can live with yourself when so many people know your a fake ass, violent nut and liar, and a terrorist. your so wrapped you think men banging women hard and harder proves their love for them, what a load of donkey poo.

  • Terrorist? Really? sounds like you had a load of donkey poo dropped on you.

  • I like to hear about my wifes past too, its a huge turn on. But I try to be careful about taking it beyond where she is comfortable. I am not explicit that I am bi and turned by hearing about her ex's cocks.

    What do you think you overshared?

  • I have told her that i would love to wear her panties, would allow a mfm of her choice. We played "would you rather" daily through texts and she asked if i would rather have a dildo up my ass or blow another man. She was trying to shock me, but we had an agreement we would only ask if we could handle the answer. I told her i have had dreams about both, she was interested and sincere when i answered. I keep telling her sex is about pleasure and enjoyment without judgement, but she seems to have gone back to just being vanilla. I was so hard and hoping we had a breakthrough.

  • She is doing all that and more, but not with you. She has found another to be dirty with. She can't be clean and dirty with you. Just do one of the things withit asking or setup.

  • I have thought that, but hoping she would share

  • Your view of sex is about pleasure and enjoyment. Her personal view of sex maybe drastically different and or guarded since having been forced to have sex with those 2 other guys.

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