I know it's wrong, but ......

Even though I am married to your younger sister, it's actually you that I love and desire. You know that, and I think she knows it, too. Even your mom sees it! Leave your terrible husband and marry me. We should start our own family. Goddamn, Suzanne!!! I want sooooooo badly to knock your hot ass up!!!!!!!! Even if you won't leave your husband, please AT LEAST let me give you a baby. It being illegitimate would just make the whole thing that much hotter and sexier!! I wouldn't care if you put your husband's name on the birth certificate. I just want to be the one breeding you. And I want him OFF you! I have already stopped sleeping with Dianne (I'm sure she told you), and if you say "yes" to our baby, I will leave her altogether. You are what I want!

1 month ago

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    • I love women carrying and bearing illegitimate kids. Super hot. Super sexy. I mean FUCK!!! I proposed marriage to one such woman in 2008. She was 17 (working as a stripper) and I was 36. She turned me down and eventually married the baby's stupid unemployed father 2 yrs later.

    • Seventeen-year-olds are not known for their judgment or reasoning. Her pregnancy is a prime example . . . . . .

    • I want to do this with my sister in law Jenn! Jenn i still want to stretch out ur pussy and asshole! My divorce to ur sister won't change that! Leave that loser husband of urs!

    • I'm so happy for you, having that inspiration and stimulation AND LOVE in your life and right there within your own family. I hope you can soon persuade Jenn to open herself to you and allow you to make her happy and make her life complete. Her husband obviously doesn't care about her the way you do, and he never will. Good luck to you, friend!

    • A couple questions: (1 Obviously Jenn knows you are in love with her, but does she tease or flirt with you at all? Or does she ignore/resist your advances? Have you and she spoken openly about an affair or an actual LTR? In my case, Suzanne politely tolerates my affections but offers almost no encouragement or enticement at all, except for our occasional make out sessions and mild dry humping at family gatherings. She can look at me and tell if I'm hard, but my wife never can. When Suzanne sees me with an erection, she'll ease up next to me and playfully say, "If I make it hard, it belongs to me". However, that never produces any follow-through. Thanks again for your posting.

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