Closet crossdresser cousin

It all started during the quarantine, my cousin was staying with me during the lockdown.
One day we were talking about this and that when I asked him if he was in the closet and didn't want to come out? I told him he had very effeminate tendencies. I said to him that there's nothing wrong with being gay.
We decided that we were going to get drunk today, so we started out with beer and then taking tequila shots in-between beers,we were getting a nice buzz. I asked my cousin if I could ask him something? "What did you want to ask me about? I explained to him that I was getting really buzzed and I was going to ask him alot of questions, he said he was real buzzed also and he was going to answer my question.
I was just being curious and was wondering if you had ever crossdressed? He looked at me and said why are you being so persistent with the closet gay questions, I'm not asking you that, I want to know if you crossdress? Well a few shots later he paused for a minute ,got up from the picnic table and walked inside the house.
I thought he was either mad or was drunk and going to the room to knockout.
A half hour passed and I heard him in the house, he yelled "cover your eyes I have a surprise for you! So I did his voice got closer to me and I could smell perfume" mmmm you smell nice" as he stood behind me he moved my hands from my eyes and turned my chair around.
He was standing in front of me wearing a fishnet bodysuit with black and red spike heels with a blonde wig! I was a little bit in shock and a little bit aroused with how hot he looked dressed like a girl.
You look really cute and sexy! He smiled and laughed" is this what you wanted to see? Do you have any other questions or anything else you want to ask? Yes! Why did it take you so long to get dolled and be who you really want to be? I do still feel a little embarrassed and nervous about showing you my secret.
I got up from the barstool and reached out and got his hands and pulled him to me I turned him around in a circle like we were dancing but I was really looking at his sexy body shaved everything and real smooth looking!
Question? How would you react if I flirted with you? "You wouldn't do that to me" he answered. Would you let me feel your body and maybe a little bit more than just feeling your body? Im not saying this because we're really buzzed.
So I'll let you know now that you got me a little aroused " a little aroused? Really! That's all that you are feeling!? I poured a couple shot's handed my cousin one and we cheered took the shot, smacked his sexy ass in the bodysuit threw my arms around him as I was behind him kissed his neck a couple times running my hands up and down his body turned him around facing me," you got me beyond aroused, so should I stop flirting with you or should I continue to get to know you and your smoking hot body? " Just continue what you are doing and shut up and kiss me" we started making out like animals I picked up my cousin carried him to the couch in the patio dropped all the blinds, popped open a bottle of champagne pour a couple glasses and started with his feet I kissed and licked his feet and took off his heels and sucked his toes kissing my way up his body we both had rock hard cock's I stroked his cock thru the bodysuit " unzip your yourself" I spread his legs as he pulled the zipper down as far as he could, I finished unzipping the rest I continued kissing him up to his throbbing cock I licked his cock up and down kissing his smooth ball's I put his throbbing Rock hard cock in my mouth and slowly sucking it, I could taste his warm delicious precum , he was letting out sexy moans I loved the way his cock tasted mmmm I didn't want to stop sucking him I moved myself up to his lips kisssed him " you have a delicious cock kiss me and taste it on my tongue!
We were both horny as hell wanting a taste of his sexy butt and his tight hole"flip on to your stomach" my tongue has some ass it's hungry for, kissing his ass cheeks, I spread them open licking up his crack till my tongue got a taste of his tight hole shoving my tongue in as far as I can, tasting his ass juices I suck on his hole . Turning him on his back I lift his legs in the air as we get in the missionary position he grabs my throbbing meat and guides it into his warm hole as I begin thrusting his ass slowly thrusting faster and faster he starts moaning " harder baby fuck your bitches ass real hard slam it in me " mmmm baby I'm your girl that ass is yours and only your ass we fucked long and hard as I was going to explode my man milk my cousin looks me in the eyes" cum in my mouth baby I want to drink your milk! He drops to his knees gets my cock with his mouth gives it a few sucks taking all of my cock down his throat my load shoots in his mouth and down his throat as his eyes water he gags and trys swallowing all my milk he keeps my cock in his mouth sucking every drop out.
I pick him up off his knees and lay him next to me as both of us are out of breath I hold him in my arms ,lean towards him kiss his cum covered lip's I wipe off some cum from his cheek rub it on his lips licking the rest off my finger. We cuddle and kissed the rest of the evening

2 months ago

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