Sissy for Wife's Lover

On Becoming A Cuckold
Part 1
So, my wife came home and found a bra that was not hers.
She immediately accused me of having an affair.
I said it is my bra … not some other women’s bra. It is mine.
She stopped yelling and just stared as I took off my T-Shirt and put on the bra.
Even though it fit me properly, she said I don’t believe you.
So, I went to my secret stash and pulled my silicone inserts, placed them in my bra.
Took off my jeans and she saw I was already wearing a thong and nylons.
I pulled up a micro mini skirt and she was speechless.
I put on my heels and wig and started applying lipstick … she was still speechless.
Finally, she asked, what does this mean?
I reached into my stash and pulled a previously printed and pre-signed paper with Hall Pass at the top -- which gave her permission to fuck anyone, anywhere, if I could watch.
My wife asked, “So is this why you have been encouraging me to find a boyfriend?”
I admitted, “Yes.” She said, okay and left the house.
She came back about 5 hours later with a just fucked look on her face and she smelled of semen. She said nothing to me and promptly went to bed without showering.
I slept on the couch in a new nightie.
Part 2
My wife discovered I like to wear women’s attire.
She found my bra on the floor (was carrying laundry and had dropped it) ...
She accused me of sleeping with another woman -- I was not ... and to prove it I dressed up in front of her transitioning from Lee to Leah.
She initially got angry, stormed out of the house, and returned hours later with a just-fucked look and semen smell upon her.
She went to bed, and I slept initially on the couch in a new teddy-nightie.
I literally could not sleep and kept thinking she deliberately went out and got laid. When she returned - she did smell like semen.
It made me simultaneously jealous and very horny.
After about 2 hours, I could hear her snoring (yep she snores), so I gently climbed into bed with her. She normally wears a night shirt but today she was sleeping only in panties.
I was still wearing a Teddy.
I lay there thinking about everything happened over the past six hours - both thrilled and afraid ... eventually I fell asleep.
I woke up before the alarm went off and had a raging hard on ... I rolled over onto the wife and she moaned ... I slid into her gash with total ease ... it was still slippery from the night before.
She was semi-awake and was moaning – “Fuck Me Tony!” (My name is Lee)
I then realized she fucked her boss, Anthony. It made me even hornier.
After she said Fuck Me Tony - her eyes opened wide - realizing the mistaken name.
She began to protest saying stop - I have to get up -
I said – “Call me Tony again” - she did, saying “Tony your cock makes me feel so good. Tony give it to me. Tony fuck me harder.”
We had the best sex ever!
After I came, she pushed my head to her crotch, and I licked her clean ...
She said “Good boy” and then corrected herself and said, “GOOD GURL”, you really are a sissy faggot!”
Part 3
So, the previous week was mind boggling.
Wife was initially pissed that I like to wear women's clothing.
In retaliation for my "betrayal" of her sensibilities, she went out and fucked her boss Tony.
I gave her a typed and signed "hall pass" which permits her to fuck anyone so long as I can watch.
She was still mad about me dressing up as a woman, but she fucked Tony (Anthony is her boss) several times this past week.
After each fuck with him, I had sloppy seconds, which is my favorite!
A few days ago, she came home and told me to dress in my sissy clothes. Happily, I did.
She applied make up to me, so I looked like a real woman – foundation (base) make-up, lipstick, eyeliner, etc. She even plucked a few lashes from my brow.
I kept asking "What are we doing tonight."
She says, it is a surprise."
When we finished, both of us looked great. She especially looked fuckable in a very short black dress; since she was wearing a thong, her ass looked amazing whenever she bent over.
We finished dressing, and she says, get in the car. I was a little in shock because I had not presented myself as a woman in public before. I got in the car.
She drove to a little trashy dive-bar which was right next to the local Adult Cinema. I have been to both before but was slightly terrified and immensely horny.
We sat at the bar. Her little dress crept up while on the bar stool, and I think every man in the place was staring at her exposed ass.
We danced a few songs, then a slow song came on. Lights were low, and I heard a guy say nothing hotter than two lesbians slow dancing.
Back at the bar she said loudly, "Want to go next door and watch some porn?" I nodded.
As we walked out of the bar, I could count a half dozen hard cocks. When we went to the adult theater, many followed us next door.
I paid the $10 each to get in the Arcade, and we went into a private booth. It was big enough for the two of us, and my cock was about to explode. I tried bending over my wife for a quickie, and she forcefully said "No, tonight you are a woman – a slut", denying me her pussy.
Just then two cocks appeared in the glory holes (left and right) ... she instructed me to get on my knees. I said, no, I just like dressing up. She said, "Shut the fuck up bitch boy. I know you are a wanna be cock sucker." I knelt willingly.
She was already stroking one dick and ordered me to lick it. I did. Lick it again. I did. “Suck his cock Leah" I did. I sucked it hungrily. He came almost immediately. She laughed and told me to turn around. There was another cock popping through the other glory hole!
She ordered me to suck it. The cum was still dripping out of my mouth from dick #1 ... but I hungrily started sucking. Dick #2 came a lot ... there was so much cum that it squirted out my nose! She laughed and said, "I always knew you were a little cock sucker." My dick was raging hard.
Part 4
So, my wife had me dress in women's clothing, She applied my make up and took me to a bar where we got tipsy, then we went to an Adult arcade.
She had me so horny, I just wanted to fuck her right away ...
She said "No, if you dress like a woman, then act like a woman. No pussy tonight."
After entering a booth, she started TS/TV/CD porn on the screen.
She ordered me to my knees, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head to a cock that appeared in a glory hole.
After sucking the first cock, my mouth was dripping with cum, and she directed me to another cock. This booth had two glory holes – and dicks kept appearing.
The first two cocks were of average size, and both had cum almost immediately in my mouth.
As I knelt on the floor, my wife grabbed my mouth shut and said swallow. The cum that had been dripping from my lips was quickly consumed.
The next cock was tiny! I peeked thru the glory hole and saw a short Mexican man ... I could barely wrap my lips around his head because it was so short ... he came on my face, not in my mouth, and my wife quickly scooped up the jizz and put it in my mouth.
She said, you are not done bitch boy!
Two more cocks appeared in the glory holes, I literally sucked until my jaw hurt.
After five cocks, my jaw hurt, and I wanted to go home ... I was horny, I was tired, I just wanted to go home and fuck my wife.
There was a lull and she ordered me to stroke, using the cum in my mouth for lube. I really needed to explode. She stood there watching me stroke my cock, sitting in a puddle of cum, watching tranny porn on the screen. My senses were going crazy!
She asked, “Is this what you wanted bitch boy?” I nodded.
She smiled an evil grin and said, "Life as you knew it has ended. I call the shots. Agreed?" I nodded.
She said, "Good. Now, stop stroking your sissy clit, let’s go home. I have another surprise for you."
Part 5
When we got home, my wife reminded me that “she calls the shots” Not me. I nodded once again.
We walked in the house and to my surprise the lights were already on with the sound of light jazz in the background.
I was afraid that one of my adult kids might have come home from college … She assured me that was not the case.
We entered the house, and she said, “You have to act like my girlfriend all night. Not my husband. And I will take care of your needs if you earn your acting award.” I agreed and my dick was raging hard once again. I had not cum all evening, but needed to so badly.
We went into the front room, and her boss Tony was seated on our couch wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. I immediately saw that he had ripped muscles, and a sizeable cock was peeking thru the top of his shorts. My wife introduced me to him as her girlfriend Leah,
Wife asked if I wanted to guide Tony’s cock into her tight little Asian pussy. I did! She lay on the couch and said, “Take his cock and put it inside me.” I grabbed this large dick, and he moved between her legs. Before entering I rubbed his dick up and down her slit … his cock head glimmered with her pussy juice. I was enjoying myself, playing with her clit at the end of his cock, and without warning, he rammed his length into her. I was amazed that she could take the entire 9 inches.
I was mesmerized watching them fuck and hearing my little soccer Mom moan like a whore. It was almost too much, so I started stroking my sissy clit.
Every so often Tony stopped, and my wife ordered me to lick her juices off his cock. I was thrilled to obey & equally excited to reinsert his cock into my wife’s waiting pussy. I heard her cum, and the expression of her face was priceless. He was breathing hard, and she said give it to my girlfriend. He pulled his dick out of her pussy and shoved it into my waiting mouth. His cum filled my entire mouth. He then resumed fucking my wife, while I stroked to my first sissy-gasm. I came on the floor, and my wife jumped off the couch, grabbing my head and forced me to lick the floor clean. I was in heaven!

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    • You luck little sissy. Id love to join you both

    • Yes I am lucky - never been happier since my wife became a Black Queen (black owned)

    • Yes My Wife Carol caught me waring Her Panties & I'm Her pantywaist cuckold ! I just love Your story .

    • Lotsa fun!

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