Am I Straight, Gay. Or BI

A few months ago I moved to new city while my wife and kids stayed behind to take care of things before eventually joining me.During this time, I took the time to explore my new city. I was living downtown and there were a lot of things to explore nearby, so I spent a lot of time just waking around.

One day I was walking past a parking garage when someone yelled out to me. I glanced over, but continued walking. Then he yelled again and this time it was more clear…he was saying “come and suck my dick faggot.” My initial reaction was to walk away quickly, but over the past five years I’ve been transitioning to a sissy husband. I frequently wear panties and the only sex I have with my wife is with or strap on.

So I walked into the parking garage to see a naked and well-endowed man playing with himself. Without a word I dropped to my knees and took what I could of him in my mouth. At first he was gentle, but after a few minutes he began pushing it farther down my throat. He actually did a great job of coaching and relaxing me and eventually I was able to take it all. He shot five or six ropes of cum down my throat and I swallowed it all.

When we were done, he told me to come back next week and get ready to be fucked. At the time I had no intention of going back, but I ended up confessing to my wife and she insisted I do it. The entire week I used my butt plugs and dildos to stretch myself out so I would be ready. I also bought some new sexy panties.

As I walked into the parking garage. I heard him start laughing and he said, “I knew you would be back.” He told me to take off all of my clothes, except the panties. I had lubed myself up beforehand and was ready to go. He had me standup and hold onto the concrete railing as he shoved his cock into my ass. I felt excruciating pain that quickly subsided into pleasure.He fucked me hard for about ten minutes until I could no longer stand. As I laid helpless on the ground, he jerked himself off and shot his load all over my face while telling me not to clean it off before I got home.

So I walked 8 blocks back to my apartment covered in cum for everyone to see. I became daily popular and had no shortage of gay sex. When my wife arrived he fucked me while she watched and then fucked her.

10 months ago


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    • Your gay but that's your choice your wife made you her femdom queen that's ok as well . But her fucking him well is wrong now your a cuckhold as well and your wife will always be a whore

    • Big dick parking garage guy is bi, your wife is bi for fucking men and your girly ass, and you're gay as pink feces.

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