Fat boyfriend

I try to keep my chubby chasing in check but this quarantine has kicked it up a notch. I have a really big bf that is 6'3 and he weighed 410 at the beginning of the lock down. 2 months into it and he's up to over 450. Years ago, he got as high as 600lbs. However health issues made him drop weight. Crazy thing is, he's on the carnivore diet and was weight training a couple a times a week along with daily walks. His diet hasn't changed but the lack of exercise and stress eating has caused his huge butt to burst through jeans and grow out his 3x shirts. Now the 5xs are starting to get snug. I love how tight the 3x's are on his plump pecs and how his huge belly peaks out from under it. He tries to workout at home by doing lots of squats but without the cardio, his butt and thighs are giving his chest and belly a run for their money. Its so hot 🔥

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  • Have you weighed him yet?

  • Last time he weighed, a few days ago, he was 455

  • Is he still gaining weight?

  • Yes and he's afraid to weigh himself.

  • You really have a fat thing don't writing two fat stories the other one about wanting to be with a fat woman. Get help you really need to figure out which gender you want to be. Good luck!

  • Your comment makes no sense. This is the only one I wrote. So not sure what other story you are talking about. As far as my gender is concerned, its really none of your business and its not even mentioned in my story. Nice fishing though.

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