Is it bad I’m so sexually attracted to children

I’m 18 and I love boys and girls as young as 4. I also have a piss, poop, and butt fetish. If I see a cute lil 7 yo black girl with a plump butt, my dick will explode. Is there anyone else who feels the same way?



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  • Die a horrible death.

  • Damn

  • Hi. Ok the second part (piss, poop and butt) ist absolutely not mine but I think that many men react like you say you do. My husband got more often the older our daughter got. It started when she was about 9. He would never do anything to her (I'm sure), but his cock shows that he likes the view. It's easy to see because we have a sauna in the basement and use it nearly every weekend. I think you are not alone

  • What kind of things have it away?

  • FYI, I would never harm a child.

  • Yes, it is bad.

  • Your just an outright queer prick that needs a giant kick in the nuts every morning

  • I’m not even queer

  • With ya there!

  • U feel the same way?

  • This is not normal. You need help. Please get it before you do irreparable harm to an innocent child.

  • Please kill your self and ask for mercy in Hell , also I’m looking forward to making you a part of the new Human Centipede chain in Hell and you will be behind every fat disgusting Lesbian as I give a laxative to all of them , and after all of them had their way with you , you will be a part of the LGBT Human Centipede as well in Hell .

  • Homophobe much?

  • I was raped by a homosexual, how do you think I feel , how would you feel if you were a baby or defenceless toddler , raped by a gay man who is a member of the LGBT community.

  • That sucks, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t hate on the LGBT as a whole

  • 94% of pedophiles are homosexuals. Disapproving of homosexuals is no worse than disapproving of pedophiles. A phobia is a fear of something. Nobody fears homosexuals, although most people have a strong dislike of them.

  • That’s a lie. The OVERWHELMING majority of pedophilia is heterosexual men molesting young girls. Second place is not even close. This is well established and not up for debate. If you say otherwise, you are just making shit up.

  • 75% of statistics are fake

  • True

  • Get help

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