Photos in the woods

My wife is a cutie pie, and now after 12 years and two kids, she still is. She goes to a local, gym, does Yoga, and is damn good with nutrition in the kitchen so I am also in good shape, 6', 205# and I exercise by running about 10 miles each week. She is 5'3" and 110# so we make an attractive pair if I do say so myself.
We were at a local beach, it has a clothing optional section farther up the river, if you know Portland, Oregon then you know where it is.
Lots of people go there.
I was taking some pics of her in a Bikini, a few folks were watching, at one point she let her top slip off on one breast to give me a teasing shot.
I told her if she wanted to, we could walk on up towards the trees and bushes and she could give me some dandy photos, teasing.
She hopped up and said let's go!
So we did, finding a trail that went even further up the river, no one around that I could see, so she undressed and did some very naughty poses, legs spread, holding her boobs up, things like that.
"Having fun?" I heard off to the side, looking over, there stood a couple of guys watching, they were both nude. I expected the wife to cover up but she acted like this was normal, so I went back to shooting pics.
Next thing I knew they were both in the shots, the one guy started getting hard and the wife was checking that out with a grin.
I told her to reach out and touch it while I took the shot, she did, he got harder and I got several photos while she actually jerked the guy off. The other guy asked her to do him too, so with a huge grin she did. That was all that happened, back at home I asked her what she would have done if they wanted to fuck her?
She looked at me with wide eyes, and asked me what I would do if she did? I asked her if she wanted to, she told me that she was getting really hot but didn't want to make me mad. I told her I wouldn't get mad if she was having fun, which is where we left it. As soon as I post this, we are headed out there today, no idea how this will go.

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    • The first time my wife and I went to a nude beach was while we lived together. I thought that she would sit with her legs together and keep her arms over her breasts. But she surprised me. She sat with her legs spread and leaned back on her arms thrusting her C cup breasts out for all to see. Even when two guys sat near us she kept herself completely exposed. I walked down to the water leaving her alone with the guys and I watched as they moved closer to her. Then they all got up and walked into the dunes. I followed them and watched from a distance as one guy got between her legs and she guided him into her while the other guy put his dick near her mouth and she opened it and sucked his dick. After both guys came they left and she called me over. She asked if I liked what I saw and I kissed her and tasted the come still in her mouth. Then she guided my dick into her and I quickly came adding my come to the guy's come that was already in her. We repeated this for the rest of the summer and then I asked her to marry me. She asked me if once we got married would I want her to stop having sex with other men. I told her that actually I wanted her to keep having sex with other men. Then she agreed to marry me. We have been married over 40 years and over 200 different men have come in her mouth and cunt.

    • I made my wife dress like a little girl to play our rape-games in the Oregon woods and she was actually raped by a gang of bikers for three days. I had a tree branch shoved in me and left for dead. I want to divorce her but she says she’ll kill herself. She makes me dress like a biker now and not shower anymore.

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