Crazy Reno vacation (We were naughty)

Wife and I went on vacation to Reno, we stayed in one of the nicest on the strip hotels, in a huge suite which was a corner room, it had double doors, a wet bar, beautiful room.
We were celebrating having just sold a business we owned for way more than we expected, so we both were in great moods.
After playing with no real luck, we ordered room service, nice meal and the plan was to just relax. My wife had on a thin blouse and shorts, fairly skimpy but nothing outrageous, the bellhop was a young kid about 25 or so and he spotted the wife and clearly liked what he saw because he got flustered and almost could not stop watching her.
After he left, my wife was suddenly on the randy side, we ended up on top of the bed, made a mess. So we called housekeeping, while the Hispanic lady remade the bed (huge smiles), my wife who speaks fairly good Spanish asked if she knew who the really cute bellhop was. She grinned again, said his name was Dean.
I asked her why she wanted to know, she said no reason but her expression gave her away. I asked her if she had the hots for the guy, she stammered and tried some denials but it was obvious she was smitten for some reason.
We had quite a talk, now we have never done anything really kinky except flash on the beach, minor stuff like that, and we did once discuss swinging or something like that, and she told me it would have to be the right guy.
I actually had all but forgotten that conversation, it was months before.
Next day we ordered again, and I asked for Dean to deliver, just some snacks. The wife gave me a funny look but then did a little smirk.
I asked her to show off a little, so she went and put on one of her tiny little bikinis that has a top loose enough she can let her nipple peek out.
Dean showed up, really was looking this time as my wife was teasing. when signing the check I asked him when he got off, he told me midnight, so I asked him if he would like to join us for a nightcap. He appeared surprised, glanced at my wife, then said he wasn't supposed to but would if we didn't tell anyone.
A few minutes after midnight Dean knocked on our door, again he mentioned he could get fired if anyone knew he did a visit. My wife by then was in her skimpy bedclothes and it wasn't long before she got him to dance with her and one thing led to another quickly.
The kid had a solid 7", and he sure knew how to use it, and one point my wife was on top so I got to see everything.
That was amazing to watch, my own wife lost in lust right in front of me.
After he left around 3 AM, she cuddled with me and we had sex ourselves.
She even thanked me, told me it was great. This one just happened, nothing planned at all and we have no real plans to ever do anything like that again, but it sure is a hot memory.

28 days ago

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    • OP here: I mentioned no plans and I had none, but since that one experience I seem to have a different wife than before. For one thing, the way she dresses now is not the same, the way she acts. She seems to always be gone shopping or to the hair salon or something while I am at work, I see where her car has been moved and mentioned it, getting questionable responses.
      I come home to find she has showered in the afternoon, also new.
      At a few parties, if she gets tipsy she becomes a flirt, she never did any of that before that I noticed.
      That caused a few minor arguments, she managed to upset some other wives.
      I guess I have suspicions, but nothing really to be certain of, I do know I don't like it. I may have poked a sleeping lion here.

    • Took my hot girlfriend, now wife, to the Bahamas. Our hotel was overbooked and we got a free upgrade to a 5 star one. We had an assigned hotel assistant Reggy who brought us coffee, newspaper and pleasnat chat about things to do. He was a handsome young black guy, my Sally was smitten. She would ask him some local dance moves and there they were dancing to some reggae -- in her totally inappropriate sexy PJs. She's from a small all white town and loves black guys she never had, . She'll watch NBA games but doesn't care who wins. She's sorta slutty, I like like that, We're only going together a month or so. -- not a keeper yet. So I leave them alone "I'll meet you on the beach at noon." -- 5 days we do that. 20 years later she's drunk one night, I asked her -- did you fuck Reggy? 'You betcha -- probably 20 times and blowjobs -- she bragged." Then she was pissed the next day for taking advantaged of her loose lips. "we weren't even engaged - Reggy was fair game."

    • "we have no real plans to ever do anything like that again" - wrong pronoun. The question is does *she* have plans to do that again? If she was having sex with a big dick for almost 3 hours, she must have been really loving it. I wouldn't count on it not happening again.

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