Embarrassing Hookup (Tampon+Drugs=Disaster)

Once when I was 19 I went to chill party at a friends dorm where we were all doing mdma and having fun. I ended up getting a massage from a guy friend of mine and we made out for a bit.

We went to his place and were going to fuck but I couldn't get him inside me so I gave him a bj and we went to bed later.

I woke up the next morning and went to the bathroom. I then realized that not only did I have a tampon in from last night (just finished my period). But I was also so high that at the party I put another one in without realizing I didn't take the first one out. I never told the guy, but since he didn't fit he decided to tell everyone he had a huge dick and i was a virgin (both were false).

tl;dr: tried to fuck on mdma with 2 tampons in, hilarity ensues.

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  • He didn't notice the string hanging out of your cooch? He's probably not experienced enough to know what was going on. I tried to fuck my old lady once when she had a tampon inside her, it was pretty obvious to me what the problem was, so I just rolled her over and fucked her in the ass.

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