They Wanted To Swap

I'm a 42 year old divorced male who recently relocated to my dad's place of living to find a new job. He introduced me to his friend Linda. Dad is 69 and dates Linda who is 72 and very friendly. I know dad and her use to swing together. I never told dad that mom use to please me when he divorced her and moved out of state. " So you divorced mom and found someone you could swing with after all these years apart. " I said to him one night when he cooked dinner and we had beers. "Yeah, Linda sexually has an open mind. Not like your mother who didn't have one." Only if dad only knew that mom changed years after the divorce.
Then dad omitted to me, he and Linda don't swing anymore because of their age. Seeing Linda reminded me of my exploits with mom. Then dad tells me Linda wants to swap with dad doing young-old sex. I'm suppose to do Linda while dad pleases her daughter again. "Linda has big tits like your mom had. Her daughter is a fat cock sucking slut." he omitted to me.I wanted to keep dad happy so I agreed.
Dad showed me where Linda and her daughter lived. Yeah, Linda's daughter was a SSBBW. I guess she takes cock in her mouth is what turns on dad, not her body. The four of us undressed in the bedroom where Linda has a king size bed. Linda did have saggy breasts like mom. but hers was covered with dark blue veins and her nips wasn't as big as mom's. She also didn't have a dark bush like mom's. Linda's has light blondish hairs that didn't cover her loose old wrinkled cunt.
Linda went on one side of the bed and dad went on the other side. The first thing I did was to push Linda's tits together on my dick and screwed them like I did with mom's. Dad was pounding Linda's daughter mouth like it was a cunt. Linda and I traded places. She hung her tits in my face and lowered her bottom into my shaft. "Pound me baby with that young shaft! " she voiced out and then started kissing me hard pushing her tits into my chest.
I watched dad pull his cum covered dick out of that fat slut and rub it all over her face. So this is why dad dates Linda from time to time. I couldn't keep my secret. After living with my dad for some time I confessed to him about mom.

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