Food fetish/game, warning gay and it gets nasty

My boyfriend and I have this contest running where we work our(and each other's) bodily fluids into our dinners, and then we try to figure out what went into it and whose it was. It started when we were hard up for cash and needed any way to make our cheap, boring meals more interesting; for instance, we have mayonnaise jars full of cum in the refrigerator, which he loves in macaroni and cheese cheese sauce, and I prefer as a dip for chicken nuggets or a burger topping. Haven't used it as barbeque sauce yet, but it's just a matter of time. When we barbeque, it's usually for company, and we don't involve anyone else in this.
We've also used our piss, at varying degrees of filtration and clarity; just about any food you boil, macaroni, hot dogs, frozen veggies, what have you, we've found tastes better if it's boiled in strong, bitter, yellow morning piss, otherwise it's hard to tell if you didn't just use normal water.
As of last month, he started jacking off the dog into his own mayo jar, and we've both enjoyed many meals with his cum and piss in it.
We're also scat enthusiasts; much like the semen barbeque sauce, we haven't found a meal we can hide shit in, but we've eaten each other's many times, so again it's just a matter of time until someone gets an idea, and either human or dog shit will end up on a plate.

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  • Seems like a troll post, funny shit anyway

  • I am glad you have found each other, that does not appeal to me. Love to swallow fresh cum straight from the tap, though.

  • We get plenty of that too. I'm trying to take up a collection for his birthday; he likes the feel of it on his skin, so I'm trying to figure out how many guys it'd take to fill a bathtub in, like, an afternoon, so he and I can soak in it.

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