What would you do?

Me, a 25yo bisexual male and single, my friend 25yo straight, has a girlfriend.

When we were 18 year olds, he was my best friend. Every day we would be together to hang out or just do nothing. I had my first gay experiences with him, what lasted about 6 months. Since the first time we masturbated together, we couldn't stop. We liked to suck each other everywhere we could. Had sleapovers where we would stay up all night just to pleasure each multiple times. We even had pictures of me sucking him and him sucking me.
It just stopped at the moment we changed school. We still kept in touch but just never talked about it, after a while we stopped talking and the friendship ended.

So, last week I was cleaning my room I found my old sd-card, with all our pictures from our time togheter. Him wearing my moms thong and my dick in his mouth. Or him cumming on my face.
Those pictures made me so hard that I can't stop thinking about him. So I want to text him if he would like to meet up for old time sake. I just want to watch the pictures and stuff with him and maybe we could enjoy each other one last time. But he is in a relationship so I don't want to break it up but I loved that time so much. Should I do it or just leave him...

1 month ago

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