Helping friend

I've known my friend since high school. She got married young and had two kids after graduation. We were close when her husband then cheated and left her. The day he packed up and left she asked me to come over and spend the night as she didn't want to be alone in her house for the first time. I brought dinner for the kids and she was still crying. She didn't want to eat but got her kids ready for bed early. Her house only had two rooms and her TV was in her room. I set up my bedding on the couch in the living room and she asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I said yes and went to her room. She said she was going to change into her pajamas real fast. I said I would wait outside and she said she didn't care. I've seen her breast feed before but haven't seen more than that. She turned around towards her dresser and took off her sweatshirt. She just had a bra on underneath and unclasped it. Stealing a look in her mirror on her dresser I saw both of her nipples. She unzipped her pants and bent over taking them off and pulling a large t-shirt over her that went down past her knees. Thinking she was done she quickly reached under and tool off her panties. We sat on her bed and she put on a favorite. She was sitting up at the top and I was laying down on the end of the bed. Falling asleep I woke up to the end of the movie. I had a blanket on me and my friend was asleep. I shut off the movie and the lamps on the night stand when she woke up. I said goodnight and was getting ready to go to the living room when she said I can sleep with her. Her bed was better then the couch and I said okay and went to go change. Coming back I got on the other side of the bed with my blankets and we fell asleep again. Waking up during the night we both had our blankets off and turned to the same side. My eyes adjusted and I saw her shirt lifted past her butt and bunched on her waist. Feeling my penis grow I grabbed her blanket and pulled it over her. With my hand under the blanket I quickly brushed her butt and gave it a gentle squeeze. Completely hard I got up and went to the bathroom to masturbate. Closing the door I noticed her clothes on the floor and found a pair of her panties. Taking a sniff in the crotch I knew that would be the closest I'd get to her forbidden pussy. Stroking fast I let go of her underwear and started to cum. Cleaning up I went back to bed. Her alarm went off and I woke up to sunlight filling the room. My friend yawned and said good morning. Pulling her covers down her shirt was pulled up by her neck. Seeing her nipples hard she pulled down her shirt and got up.

1 month ago


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    • Fag

      Ima go fuq dat bitch

    • Dude WTF should of plowed it.

    • This might well have become something much bigger and warmer and deeper, but has it? Could it?

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