Bitchy affair

I live in a farm and did have some experience of fucking cows and ewes. This female guard dog, a Lab always tempted me and I got to know her cunt by gently massaging it with my lubed fingers — sliding one then two of them inside of her just to see how she would react. I wanted to see how deep I could slide my fingers inside of her. After doing this for sometime and getting her cunt stretched out a bit, I started to finger fuck her to see if I could get her hot, doggie juices to cover my probing fingers. She laid quiet and seemed to enjoy it … she would lick my fingers coated with her juices. After about a week I thought of having the taste of her pussy. It was indeed good – bitter-sweet and musky, this all made my cock drip with anticipation to fuck her cunt. Soon, one day I laid her out on her side, raised a leg high and rubbing her belly and then pussy to make he horny.
Then I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and start to finger-fuck her very slowly. She softly whimpered, wanting me to go deeper, but I went down on her wetness with my mouth. At first I just licked her engorged pussy lips, teasing them with long strokes along the slit. She seemed to enjoy it… me taking her soft-warm cunt whole in my mouth. Now I licked her pink inside and felt some warm juices flow into my mouth as I pushed my tongue deeper. I ate her pussy for a while and then finger fuck her once again and going even deeper.
I have jacked her off several times and she liked to lick the pre-cum out of my cock. I have been waiting when she would be in heat ….

2 months ago

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    • Let us know how she is while she’s in heat

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