She let me explore her completely

She worked a job and a half and very little time for much else. One of her jobs had her on her feet the whole time and she would come home with them hurting. I started rubbing them and she did not even stop me the first time I did it, she was sitting in a recliner still in her uniform dress, nylon cover feet up on the foot rest. I began rubbing them and she told me I was really good at it but soon she closed her eyes and let out occasional little moans of joy. I found the scent of her feet intoxicating and quite a few times while she was reclined back I could see right up her dress to the cotton crotch of the nylons.
One day she came home just really tired out and gave me a kiss on the forehead then told me she was just going to lay down for a while. I opened up her door and she was on her front side with just her nylons and bra on, she had been sleeping for about an hour so I began massaging her feet to wake her up. She told me I was so good to her so I kept on rubbing on them and looking up at her buttocks, she wore a thong under her nylons but I could see her skin thru the fabric. After some time I began massaging her calves and she never moved, just more sounds of it feeling good. I went higher right up to the back of her thighs and after a few minutes of up and down her legs she brought her hand back and asked me to massage right above the waistline of her nylons. I did so and after only like five or six times of rubbing on her she told me to hold on and she pushed her fingers under the sides of her nylons and thong, she lowered them right down to the bottom of her buttocks then brought her arms back out to her sides. I started massaging her again and she was letting out little moans of satisfaction.
I was staring down at her bare bottom the whole time I was rubbing her back and soon I was getting a hardon so I lifted myself up off of her so it would not push on her. She then told me to undo her bra and rub up higher on her shoulders, I was doing my best to not sit completely on her while doing so. She was now totally exposed from her head to her buttocks and seemed to be really enjoying the massage. She asked me after quite a bit of time if I could go back down and do her feet some more so I slid back down and started rubbing them again and after a while she told me she was good and thanked me. I never forgot that day because I almost had an orgasm in my underwear.
I think it was several months later and she came home again and was going to go straight to bed to relax, she told me to wake her up in an hour and a massage would be great if I wanted to do it. I had only been rubbing her feet thru her nylons since the last time. I walked into her bedroom an hour later and she was covered up with her sheet but on the floor next to her bed was everything she had been wearing. I uncovered her feet and began rubbing them and the scent was again intoxicating, I started working my way up her legs and discovered that she was completely nude, she was letting out plenty of little moans as I worked her back and shoulders. I was again getting really hard as I did so and I thought my underwear was containing me but when I went back down and was sitting on her thighs she pushed her rear up into my hard on. She never turned her head and told me why don't you take your shorts off, just rub yourself on my cheeks.
Tingles went from my spine to my feet as I worked off my shorts and started to set back down on her, my cock was sticking straight out and her buttocks felt like two warm pillows as it rested on them. I was still rubbing on her lower back and moving my hips to glide my cock across her cheeks. My body was tingling all over as I rubbed myself on her and soon I was feeling a wonderful orgasm coming on. My first shot went practically to her shoulders and the rest just landed on the small of her back, she let out some moans and asked me how that felt. I told her it was amazing and then she told me to go get a washcloth from the bathroom to clean up.
I had done this a few times and as I started to rub her on her buttocks again she told me to do something else. I slid my cock down between her thighs and slowly began rubbing it right along her vagina lips, she moved her hips around and suddenly I was inside her. she urged me on telling me what to do as felt her walls gripping me. I had no idea it would feel this great and as I kept up the pace she would tell me to go as deep as I wanted and as fast as I wanted. I must have been inside her for a few minutes as I began feeling my orgasm coming on, I pulled out and watched it shoot across her back and buttocks. I asked her after a few times doing this why she was letting me do it, she told me I was having fun and not hurting anyone by it so just remember that when you get a girl.

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