Old film

My friends father passed away and I was helping cleaning the house out when we came across a trunk - opening it there was an old cine projector with several reels of film. We set it up and the first one was all her family which made her upset so she popped into town earlier than planned. I put the other reel on and OMG there was a woman sucking and fucking two Alsatians dogs - I put it off but can’t stop thinking about it, it was so horny. Later that day I discovered it was her dads sister!!

1 month ago

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    • When I was 15, we had a pipe leak in my Dad's home office. I was told to move everything out after school because a plumper was coming the next day. As I was hauling stuff into the hallway I found a bunch of old VHS tapes, some were old movies but some were not labeled,. I dug out an old VCR from the garage and took it up to my room..
      Later that evening after my parents went out, I started watching the tapes. Much to my surprise there was my Mom and Dad along with my Aunt and Uncle out on the lake on my Uncle's pontoon boat. The were boozing it up, sunbathing and swimming nude. Some of the tapes , although dark and grainy were inside my Uncles house and they were all having sex. My aunt ( Mom's sister ) was sucking my Dad's cock. I was completely blown away !

    • I found a few reels of old, Super-8mm film I'd taken years ago, including a few of my hot older sister, who was (and still is) very suggestible and loves putting on a show for the camera. I had her stripping and dancing naked on our pool deck, in the finished basement, fingering herself, grabbing my cock and jerking me off, and, going down on me to suck my cock. There was no sound, just the movies I took of her. I really had her doing some crazy, slutty things, and she smiled the entire time in all of them. I found these reels at my house one late night while bored and rummaging through a storage box. Knew I had the small projector, too, so figured, I'm awake, let's fire this up and see what they are.

      After I watched all of them and the slutty things I made her do and she did on her own, I texted her the next day and asked "Remember those Super8mms we did? You were so hot and sexy for me. Well, I still have them!". She called me back laughing, saying oh my god you still have those? She remembered pretty much every one, even asking me questions like "Is there one of me in that tiny, black bikini and you ripping it off of me? That one was my idea, I remember. And you tore that thing right off of me". Now I want to do more with her, with sound.

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