Wife naked for friend

So I have always had a thing about wanting to show my wife off to friends and strangers. The thought of another man wanting her in a sexual way is a huge turn on for me. I have always tried to get her out of her comfort zone by wearing low cut outfits, no bra, or any type of outfit that may draw attention from others. She is mid 50s and has a good body for her age. She has 36 dd breast that are perfect and not saggy at all for there size. She is fair skin and has half dollar size areoles that are a dark pink color. Her nipples are always hard and very pokie especially if she is braless or wearing a bathing suit.

Steve, an old high school friend came stay the night when he was in town for business. He is married but he would always tease about wanting to see Kates (my wife) boobs. He is a bit of a perv lol. After him bugging me for years I did send him a pic of her tits. I cut her face out of it but I was very turned on knowing he may be jerking off to them. Steve, Kate and I did dinner and drinks and came back to the house. We were all tired and a bit drunk. Kate went to the bedroom and threw on a tshirt and sweats to get ready for bed. She came out and the shirt she was wearing showed everything... I could see Steves eyes staring right at her huge tits. You could see the outline of her aerolas and her nipples were hard as a rock. I was getting a hard on just knowing Steve was getting an eye full. Kate said her goodnights and went to the bedroom. Steve said wow your a lucky guy to get to sleep with her every night. He said he wishes he could see her without anything on. I told him the pic I sent you is all you get to see... lol

However I thought this was my chance to totally expose Kate. Steve and I opened another beer and I went to go check on Kate. She was already sound asleep and sleeping in the nude like we always do. She only put on the sweats and tee because we had company. I decided to pull back the sheets to totally expose Kate so anyone that walked by our door could see in. I went back to the kitchen and told Steve I had to take a pee. I said I thought about what you said about seeing Kate totally naked and I guess I will let you. However if we come to visit I want to see your wife naked as well lol. So if you want a quick peek at Kate now is your chance before I change my mind. Just pretend your walking to your bedroom and stop and look in. I will meet you in back in the kitchen afterwards.

About two minutes later he came back and I could tell he was happy and had a hard on. He told me she had an amazing body and he would love to get up closer and maybe jerk off on her . I said no way that is happening. I will let you take a closer look. I will give you a few minutes alone. Just dont wake her up.

So a few minutes later he came out and said thanks for sharing and he said " Sorry I may have let the moment get away from me. I think I may have jerked off and got a little cum on Kate" . I said what, did you wake her?? He said no she didnt move. At that point I was not mad but really turned on knowing someone else came on my wife.

Steve apologized again and we went to bed. I was still hard as a rock thinking about Steve seeing Kate. I climbed into bed and put my hard cock in Kates back and reached my hand around to rub her tits.....OMG they were covered in cum. Steves cum. I was touching my buddies cum that was all over Kates tits. I have to say I was really turned on. At this point Kate started to move a bit. She felt my hard cock against her back and said you didnt get enough cummming on my tits? At that point I knew she thought it was me jerking off on her not Steve. That was even hotter. So I fucked her again and gave her my real cum this time. I cant wait for Steve or another house guest to come visit. Maybe I will let them actual fuck Kate next time.....

Sharing is caring right? LOL

1 month ago

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    • That was so hot! Thanks for sharing

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