Is she done?

I keep reading articles saying Pres. Biden will resign or be removed from office "by the end of this year" due to alleged "incompetence". I didn't vote for him OR Trump, but I honestly don't see much decline from his mental state during last year's campaign and election. Do you think he is actually slipping, and thus, that the country really is reaching a true crisis point? Or is the media just testing us again to see how much of their fecal material we'll bite off, chew up and swallow?

1 month ago

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    • Well I for one was really happy to find out that on Jan 6th, they were able to rescue all those thousands of missing children held captive in the tunnels under Washington DC by those devil worshipping ,baby raping, Commie Democrats before they could be eaten at the big Groundhog Day cookout !...LMAO.

    • Ridiculous QAnon theories. I don’t understand how people buy into them.

    • I don't either, honestly. I've had enough of all the foolish, unfounded conspiracy theories. Can we just get back to fact?

    • Kamala Harris and the far left already run the country so what's your point

    • No get this shit out of here and Trump’s mental state was worse off you moron

    • You’re not very bright if you really think Biden is in a better mental spot than President Trump.

    • He will sniff a lot more little girls, and be in office forever because he drinks their blood
      I guess he +is+ kinda awesome...

    • "Awesome",for drinking and sniffing?

    • He sniffs little girls. A lot. That is awesome. The last president we had that did that was Woodrow Wilson.

      And drinking the blood of children, c'mon, that's rad. The last president we had that did that was James Buchanan.

      Ergo, Biden is awesome, despite being a doddering old fool and a puppet for fascists.

    • No he won't resign or be removed. But he will drive up inflation and possibly bankrupt us by the time his term is over.

    • Yes he gonna be a fucken disaster ( if he not alreddy). we going all to hell!!! ballus

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