Can't stop cheating with my horrible ex

I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 9 years, we have a house together and I have even taken his last name. My boyfriend before him is the father of 2 on my children and to be honest a bit of an areshole, he was in the Army and never really grew up, used to drink all of the time, cheated on me and in general was a dick. He is very, very intelligent though and runs his own business and is one of those people that always seems to land on his feet. Since being with my current man I have grown to hate my ex a little bit more each day but his kids who are now adults idolise him, he is their hero. He bought a new dog recently and I really wanted to see it as my boys kept going on about how big she was, he had said that I could go round if I wanted to and he would go out so I arranged to go when my youngest son would be there. When I arrived my son had gone out and my ex was there as he knew I was coming and I would not have been able to get in otherwise. He has quite an impressive house and is a confirmed bachelor that will happily admit to sleeping around and using prostitutes but I had forgotten just how funny he could be, within 2 minutes he had me howling with laughter. After about 10 minutes I was ready to leave but he stood in the doorway and smiled at me, I don't know what came over me but I just dropped to my knees, undid his shorts and started to suck his cock! I went for it like someone possessed until I felt him tighten up and I let him cum in my mouth, something I hardly ever do with my boyfriend, I swallowed it all. I felt really guilty afterwards and rushed home to my man but as he works away and doesn't know where I am when he is away, I have been back 3 times since and these times I have let him fuck me however he wants to and every time I always end up letting him cum in my mouth. I am sure that my mother who lives with us thinks that something is up as I am pretty sure that one of the times I went home she could actually smell his spunk on my breath but she doesn't know that I have even been to see him, she probably thinks it is someone else. I am no young girl but I am acting like a slut, I feel really guilty but can't stop.

3 months ago

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    • The World needs more sluts! You fuck him more! Let him shoot a rope inside your pussy!

    • Your a piece of shit he used you then and using you now as his cumdumster. He new when he was with you that you would always be a hoe and a tramp. Girl like you do not deserve to be happy. Do you think for one minute you can have what he has NOPE . Would he let up back in NOPE why he gets to use you with no obligation.

    • You feel bad now? wait til that idiot runs his mouth, about yours. you would deserve getting kicked to the curb w nothing... and give back his name, really... if you think it's not a big deal, tell your man... yeah, you won't, because you are as bad as your ex...

    • Straight up

    • It happens. I was dating an ok, but not great, woman for a bit, and as soon as I saw it going downhill, started leaving her duplex apartment, or, pushing her out of my house, and going to see a gorgeous, sexy, but crazy and bit of a user, ex-gf. The first few times, I figured it's just sex, maybe she's changed as a human being etc, but, she hadn't. Thing was, she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen or been with, and, the sex was intense. We always had that together. I knew she was a bit crazy, but her looks and how wild our sex life was kept me and us coming back.

      Took a break from her and started dating a FWB, since we got along well and I did enjoy her company. She was petite, soft, sexy, and very into me. Sex with her was great, too. But, she was also bi-polar and I was always on edge with her. So, yep..Would leave her apartment and end up at ex's house, like clockwork. She'd even say "So and so not as good as me? I know, nobody is". And we'd go at it for hours. My brain knew, don't keep doing this, she's as wacky as the others if not worse, but, we did connect well and in many ways, belonged together. I kept, and keep rounding back to her, and she keeps rounding back to me even though we know how this movie tends to end. Badly, with accusations, cold meanness, and saying all sorts of things we don't really mean.

    • does happen, see alot of that is divorce court... heres an idea... don't get married... stay single...

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