My secret wants

I see the way guys comment on girls butts online and all that and I am a young 20 year old man who has never been gay or had gay experience but I have been told I have abubble butt and all I want is to see a board or something with several guys talking about my butt and to use me or have sex with me the way they would a womans’ butt.
This isn’t a big deal to most, but my deepest desire is to bottom for a dirty minded and dirty mouthed older man and he talk about my big butt.
I’m also nervous to have gay sex.
Is that weird?

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  • I'm 61 straight male and have an ass fetish. I would love to fuck your bubble butt. I love a nice ass. I would lie u on your stomach and tell you to arch your ass into the air then stick it into your butt

  • Not weird at all! I was once in your shoes, and I'm so glad I took the leap. I'm an exhibitionist and love having my naked body openly admired and wanted, and so having a guy with a fully hard cock fucking you, grabbing you tight and driving into you again and again, hearing and feeling him cum and knowing it's your body and your ass giving him that pleasure is just wonderful.

    Additionally, I was not at all prepared for how incredibly good it feels to get fucked! It's intense, vulnerable, and totally unlike any other sexual pleasure. Just be sure to start out VERY slowly, use way more lube than you think you need, and definitely make sure that you're the one in complete control of the pace as he first penetrates you. I'll typically try to have the guy hold still while I back into him or lower myself down on him. For me, just a little bit of pain during initial penetration can ruin it and make it impossible for my ass to relax, but once he's all the way in and I feel his hips pressed tight against me he can cut loose and fuck me as hard and fast as he wants and it's just pure pleasure!

    Good luck, play safe, and have fun!

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