It all started in May this year,
I was at Rebecca’s house. We were sitting in the garden enjoying the afternoon sun. We were drinking wine, smoking shisha having fun.
I believe it was about 4 pm when Raul, her son, come home.
He came to greet us and decided to join the conversation.
When Rebecca went inside to bring some more wine, I realized that Raul was starring at me.
The way I was lying on the armchair opened my blouse, and more than half of my boob was exposed.
I was a bit embarrassed, but I didn't want to make it Obvious, so I waited a minute or so, and then when I moved to cover my Boobs; I Noticed that He was having A massive Erection; I believe I froze as I didn't move or say anything.
Luckily Rebecca comes back, so I passed that awkward moment had another glass of wine, and drove home.
Now all I had in my mind was the administration on that kid's eyes, the way he was watching me, the effect it had on him. Made me feel so desired, so sexy. Soonest I got home, I jumped on my husband and had the craziest sex in months; I let him fuck me as slut; I swallow him to the last drop.
It was crazy. It was terrific. It made me feel young.

So I decided to try it again; the following weekend, I got lost the open shirt and went to revisit my friend; I made sure this time that Raul will have a good look at my boobs, and I could feel my nipples getting harder my carefully watching his dick about to explode. I had to leave early as my pussy was soaking wet
To my disappointment, my husband wasn't home
So I had to masturbate; I cum so hard that I couldn't move for the next 10-15 minutes.

But then I became addicted to this; I started going out wearing a see-through t-shirt, or even pants,

And this led to the scariest /craziest experience I have had so far while walking in the nearby park on guy notice me and start following,
I smiled and started walking provocatively. At one point, I stopped and bent to fix my shoe, and this gives the guy A perfect view of my ass. It was at this point that I hear him, “omg, that's too hot. “
I looked at him, and I noticed him grabbing his dick. But keep following me. I got scared and decided to stop walking, got on the side of the patio, and pretend I'm doing Yoga.
He sits on the bench nearby keep watching me.
There were people not far away, that made me gain some confidence again. But when I looked at him, he had his dick out and was stroking with so much energy. I didn't look away; I was now the one “hypnotized” I was looking and showed him my boobs.
He finished in a few minutes, and I saw the largest quantity of Sperm a Man can ejaculate.
He said “thank you, “ but I run away from there, and I didn't stop until I reached home.
Where I start sucking my husband until he cum in my mouth.

I'm concerned if this can be an addiction.
I don't want to touch or be touch, but it drives me crazy to other men watching me, and I’m hopeless once they pull their dick out.

In 3 months, I had 10-12 incidents.

Should I confess to my husband? Would he believe is cheating?

2 months ago


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    • That's Hot stuff. I don't think it's weird or anything especially since there's no touching. We all have certain things that gets us going. BUT, you need to be careful because you may run into a Perv that will force himself on you or even Rape you!

    • Technically, you aren't cheating. However, you are playing a dangerous game. Eventually, you will titillate some guy who thinks he's entitled to molest or rape you. Or, perhaps run afoul of a Karen who thinks you are what's wrong with her world, and report you to the cops. That's why I would suggest you find a way to involve your husband. He may be able to provide a margin of safety, and may very well get off on it, too. Good luck, and be safe.

    • Hi, I don't know if you will ever read this.
      I got the courage to tell my husband about it.
      Well, I found a way to do it without telling him I have done it.
      We went For a hike and started to tease him; he enjoyed it, so I keep trying even though I noticed some people were coming (too far away ). Anyway, after few seconds, I pretended to be mad at him as he didn't tell me.
      We had a great day.
      And I discover that I enjoy exposing him to other girls :)
      What I wanted to say is :
      Thank you, I wish you all the best
      Ana OP

    • Highly appreciated, precisely that you got some of My biggest concerns.
      I hope to find the best way to tell my husband.
      Thank you,

    • “Hi, wow, I'm getting a lot of comments
      But more questions than answers!
      Guys, if your girlfriend /wife will confess something like that to you, how would you react?
      I will sing with ana OP (ana original poster )

    • I would call a divorce lawyer. Strike first while the money is hot!

    • Did you ever thought of doing the next step ?
      Use a dildo maybe or suck a stranger cock ?

    • Not really; I don't feel the need to touch /suck a strangers cock

    • Seems to me like all started with that kid raul
      For sure he deserves a “reward “
      You had such a great time because of him

    • Well, coming from you, I assume that you imply that I will fuck him, so no!
      It is wrong on so many levels.
      Ana OP

    • I got to say that's hot; I've been into flashing for a very long time. I like the idea of showing my dick to strangers .
      I had all kind if situation, some they run being well scared or ashamed, some they Stand and commend. I even got in trouble for it.
      I would love to meet someone like you.
      If you are ok with doing it online, also please let me know.
      If not, keep doing it. You will make many people “happy. “

    • What problems? If you can, share.
      Sorry but I'm not looking to meet someone.
      I start thinking that was the wrong place to share.

      Ana OP

    • Your secretly having fun and getting turned on at the same time. And it seems to me your husband is getting all the rewards from it. As you come home horney and a wet pussy. Just my opinion that’s all.

    • Yes, but moreover, the guilt feeling is growing inside me. The fact that I had some strangers cock in my mind,
      I want to tell him, but I don't want to end it!
      If he will be okay with that, is it still going to be exciting for me?
      Ana OP

    • Was at a adults only resort in the French West Indies. The beach was clothing optional. Most people wore suits, some like me took them off to go in the water, 1 in 5 were mostly nude (my wife). There's nothing kinky going on here. Most everyone speaks French. The 8 head beach shower is coed. So my wife and I are showering. She goes to the opposite side because I have a history fucking her in the shower, someone might walk in. I'm aroused watching my hot wife shower. In walks a shapely attractive lady mid 40's (we're mid 20s) - She eyeballs my aroused big penis and she says something complementary about (I think) in French. Almost like she's talking to my dick. Now I have a full big boner and she's smiling. I think she says 'let me take care of that' starts to give me a hand job. My wife is like GTFO lady, comes over crouches down starts sucking me off. I guide her head by long hair tied back. When I cum she goes "husband" to the lady. Who starts apologizing. (we think) -- Later at the restaurant we go to pay our bill and they said a pretty lady paid it.

    • But your wife there all the time?
      Did she say anything?

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