Got a white girl pregnant

I'm a black guy, and I was hanging with this girl blonde bbw white girl,she had huge ass and boobs . we were just kinda friends. Her white bf was in jail. So she hadn't had s** in almost a year, well long story short. She said she never slept with a black guy before. We ended up getting it on then.toward the end of sex with her i Had her doggy style pounding that big ass. I felt I was ready to bust that nut. Told her im gonna cum. She just kept moaning. I keep pounding away i give her my final warning incase she wanted to swallow my load or have it on her face or on her boobs. I said I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum. She just kept moaning. I said to myself heck with it I'm gonna nut in this white girl. Fuck the white man.if i get her knocked up it be payback against white people for what they have done to my people. So i i start pounding faster then I busted a nut in her. Left in morning never talked again to her. Found out months later she had a black baby ,pretty sure that baby was mine. And seen her white bf taking care of it.

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  • I met a bbw white girl. Through a friend. She was cute and sweet. Said she was never with a brotha before. Eventually we hung one night and had sex. Not sure if she was on pill or anything but I fucked that pussy with no mercy. Hittin it doggy and dropped that black seed in her pussy and left

  • I've been taking care of my girlfriend's biracial son for eight years. He's a great kid, and I'm the only dad he's ever known. I'm always getting stares from people, but that's no big deal to me. We're happy.

  • My Asian wife has fucked two black men so far and she loves the color contrast and so do I.

  • Lmaooo

  • My wife loves sex. She also loves fucking black men. Yes they have gotten her pregnant four times. The first two she had an abortion. We found out that I have a very low sperm count. So second two we said what the hell. We have two lovely daughters. She still fucks black men every chance she gets but her tubes are tied now. To all you brothers that want to go nut in her go for it.

  • Yo bro same thing happen to me almost. I was chillin with this bbw white girl and we ended up having sex. hittin that big ass from behind. Told her I'm gonna nut. She begged me to nut in her pussy. So I dropped that nut in her. Idk if she ever had a baby though. But she was engaged to some white guy.

  • I hope you find my 28 yo Pakistani fiancée next. She’s still a virgin, too. I’d love you take her virginity. Her virgin cunt will squeeze your dick so hard, you can’t help but to cum in her (and be the first of that, too).

  • Yea yo I like my bbws they give a brotha a chance. As you read I was warning this girl I'm gonna cum and I wanted to cum on her tits, i usually dont cum in the pussy. But yo I didn't get answer back and was getting so weak to move. I just figure I'm going to cum in that pussy. So I did.

  • Lol As I said white girl I was with was engaged, her husband was away to another state we met through some friends. Had drinks and bonfire with our friends. Late night we are all crashing. We stayed in living room. Started making out then to sex. Felt that I was ready to nut. Told her I'm gonna cum and she quickly said cum in my pussy.

  • (Continued) I told her I wanna cum in her mouth she said again I want you to cum in my pussy please. I start pounding dat big ass faster and asked her you want my cum in your pussy. She said yes let that big black cock cum inside me. So I nutted in that pussy.

  • When I met my wife she had two black children by a couple guys that she dated. So I don't think it was a big deal to get even with whitey. The wife was in heat for her lover at the time and she surrendered her womb to him. I think that is the way it should be. So now we have three kids two black and one white they all get along.

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